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Overview of products on PlusBase

With PlusBase, you can easily create both dropshipping and print-on-demand products in a single store to add more choices for your customers. This is an excellent way to scale your business, add more value to your brand, and at the same time generate greater sales to your store. In this section, you will find all handy information to create dropshipping, print-on-demand products, and how to effectively manage them on your PlusBase store.

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Dropshipping products

Find products on PlusBase Catalog
Request custom products in PlusBase
Import product from PlusBase Catalog and AliExpress products
Out of stock product on PlusBase Catalog
Request AliExpress products in PlusBase
Tips for writing PlusBase product description
Automated upsell with PlusBase

Print-on-demand products

Campaign creation

Create new campaigns
Quickly create and synchronize designs in a multi-base product campaign
Duplicate a campaign
Bulk duplicate campaigns
Understand campaign statuses
Clone products and campaigns between your stores
Upload artwork for imported campaigns on PrintBase
Import campaigns to PrintBase by CSV file

Campaign personalization

Supported concepts for personalized campaigns
Create custom options for ersonalized campaign
Prepare files for the standard Picture choice personalization
Set up cliparts for your campaigns
Set up conditional logic for your campaigns
Step-by-Step: Create a personalized couple campaign
Create layer group and use it in personalization
Step-by-Step Guide: Create personalized campaign with multiple design versions
Introduction to Custom Art
Create a personalized campaign with Custom Art

Campaign settings

Select and arrange product mockups
Set up preview for customization
Assign staff to campaigns to analyze performance on PrintBase
Edit and group description for product variants
Edit personalization for campaigns
Set up shipping fee for PrintBase products

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Understand the quota of daily campaign creation
Campaigns FAQs & Troubleshooting
Tips to reduce .PSD file size for POD campaigns

Product settings

Manage your PlusBase products
Overview of Products
Overview of Collection
Overview of Product Feeds
Overview of Bulk updates

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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