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In addition to a wide selection of top-winning products in our Catalog, you can easily request more products from our Private Request section. In this article, we will guide you on how to request custom products in PlusBase.

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A. Request custom products
B. Import requested products to your store

A. Request custom products

From your PlusBase admin site, go to Catalog > Private request.

In the Private request page, you will see 3 following tabs to manage your requests more efficiently:

All: Requested products from the newest to the oldest and vice versa.
Available products: Requested products that are ready to be imported or have already been imported to your store. A requested product can be imported multiple times.
Unavailable products: Requested products that cannot be imported to your store. This list includes products in the status of Processing, No result and Expired.

To send a product request, click Create product request.

In Request product link, enter the link of product you want to request. You can paste many links to request multiple items at once by adding a comma , between each link.

After adding product links, you can click Add request or simply hit enter.

Click Send request to submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, the products will appear in the Private request list with Processing status. It means that PlusBase is processing and sourcing the products you just requested.

When the products you requested are ready, the status of your requested products will change from Processing to Available. In case we couldn’t find the products you requested, we will cancel your requests and the status will change to No result.

Once the requested products have Available status, you can view your product details by clicking on their images. The product detail page will include all information of the product.

The original product URL to see if our product matches your request.
Product variants.
Product processing time.
Product cost.
Product description and specification: These will be displayed in your product page after the product is imported to your store.

You can view requested products that are in the Processing status, but the information may not be fully updated and available at that time.
All products from your Private request list will have expiration dates, which means after that date, the price we’ve got for you might be changed due to suppliers or other reasons. When your product expires, the requested product's status will change from Available to Expired. If you wish to renew it, please contact us via LiveChat so we can review your request again.

B. Import requested products to your store

Please refer to this article on how to import products from PlusBase Catalog and Private request.

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