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Request custom products in PlusBase

In addition to a wide selection of top-winning products in our Catalog, you can easily request more products from our Private Request section. In this article, we will guide you on how to request custom products in PlusBase.

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A. Request custom products
B. Import requested products to your store

A. Request custom products

From your PlusBase admin site, go to Dropship products > Private request.

In the Private request page, you will see 5 following tabs to manage your requests more efficiently:

All: Requested products from the newest to the oldest and vice versa.
Processing: Products that are in Processing status and are not ready to be imported to your store yet.
Available products: Requested products that are ready to be imported or have already been imported to your store. A requested product can be imported multiple times.
No result: Products that we cannot find or cancelled requests because the product is not suitable for sale in a PlusBase store.
Expired: Products that reached expiration date and need to be renewed.

To send a product request, click Create product request.

In Request product link, enter the link of product you want to request. You can request multiple items at once by pasting the product links into a separate document/sheet, putting each link on a new line, and then copying and pasting the entire paragraph back into this box.

Along with the top-rated sourcing service when using Private Request, you can speed-up the process of finding your winning products by importing best-selling products from AliExpress to start selling immediately. Now, when requesting a product from AliExpress, you can get the product information in just a few minutes. The time it takes for a product to be Available may vary due to the number of variants. To request products from AliExpress, please go to Catalog > AliExpress products and refer to this article for more detailed instructions.

Products may not contain intellectual property that is not owned by the Seller.
After adding product links, you can click Add request or simply hit enter.

Click Send request to submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, the products will appear in the Private request list with Processing status. It means that PlusBase is processing and sourcing the products you just requested. This process can take up to 24 to 36 hours.

When the products you requested are ready, the status of your requested products will change from Processing to Available. In case we couldn’t find the products you requested, we will cancel your requests and the status will change to No result.

Once the requested products have Available status, you can view your product details by clicking on their images. The product detail page will include all information of the product.

The original product URL to see if our product matches your request.
Product variants.
Processing time.
Processing rate.
Product cost.
Total cost = Product cost + Shipping cost (of the cheapest shipping line). You can click on See details to view the detailed prices of this product.

The shipping cost displayed here is the product's shipping fee to the destination country.
Profit margin: The estimated profit for the product that is automatically calculated using the following formula: Profit margin = Selling price - Product cost - Processing fee - Payment fee.
Shipping information: Information related to the shipping of this product, including the countries that this product can be shipped to, shipping method, and the shipping time of each shipping method available for this product.

The processing rate is based on the risk level of the product. This rate can vary depending on the product and the time of the order creation. Check out this article on how to calculate your order profit based on the product processing rate.
You can view requested products that are in the Processing status, but the information may not be fully updated and available at that time.
All products from your Private request list will have expiration dates, which means after that date, the price we’ve got for you might be changed due to suppliers or other reasons. When your product expires, the requested product's status will change from Available to Expired. If you wish to renew it, please click on the Need update? button in the product detail page and follow the instructions in step 9 to submit your request to extend the product’s expiration date.

If you are not satisfied with the product information we provide, you can give us a feedback to let us know what we can preview and improve regarding the product information quality. From the product detail page, click on Need update?.

In the pop-up, select the product information you wish to update and specify your reason in the text box. Then, click Confirm.

All update requests will be processed by PlusBase and in the meantime, you cannot import this product to store. The product will be available again once we finish updating the product per your request.
You can request an update as many times as you want. However, if you have already imported this product to your store prior to the update, new updates will not be applied unless you import this product again.

B. Import requested products to your store

Please refer to this article on how to import products from PlusBase Catalog, Private request, and AliExpress products.

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Updated on: 22/11/2022

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