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In addition to a wide selection of top-winning products in our PlusBase Catalog, you can easily directly request more products from AliExpress in our Private request section. In this article, we will guide you on how to request AliExpress products in PlusBase.

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A. Request AliExpress products
B. Import requested AliExpress products to your store
C. Frequently asked questions

A. Request AliExpress products

From your PlusBase admin site, go to Catalog > Private request.

In the Private request page, you will see 5 following tabs to manage your requests more efficiently:

All: Requested products from the newest to the oldest and vice versa.
Processing: Products that are in Processing status and are not ready to be imported to your store yet.
Available products: Requested products that are ready to be imported or have already been imported to your store. A requested product can be imported multiple times.
No result: Products that we cannot find or canceled requests because the product is not suitable for sale in a PlusBase store.
Expired: Products that reached expiration date and need to be renewed.

To send a product request, click Create product request.

In Request product link, enter the AliExpress link of the product you want to request. You can request multiple items at once by pasting the product links into a separate document/sheet, putting each link on a new line, and then copying and pasting the entire paragraph back into this box.

Products may not contain intellectual property that is not owned by the Seller. Please refer to the official list of PlusBase restricted products for more information.
Requests for personalized products from AliExpress will not be processed and will be cancelled.
In the case a personalized product is imported into PlusBase, any orders for this product will be cancelled, the buyers will be refunded, and the profits will be deducted from your Balance.
After adding AliExpress product links, you can click Add request or simply hit enter.

Click Send request to submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, the products will appear in the Private request list with Processing status. When requesting a product from AliExpress, you can get the product information in just a few minutes. The time it takes for a product to become Available may vary due to the number of variants.

Once the requested products have Available status, you can view your product details by clicking on their images. The product detail page will include all information of the product.

The original AliExpress product URL to see if our product matches your request.
Product variants.
Product cost.
Processing rate.
Shipping information.

The processing rate is based on the risk level of the product, and calculated based on the product's ratings, review, and price range from AliExpress. This rate can vary depending on the product and the time of the order creation. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully review and select high quality AliExpress to lower the processing rate. Check out this article on how to calculate your order profit based on the product processing rate.
You can view requested products that are in the Processing status, but the information may not be fully updated and available at that time.
All products from your Private request list will have expiration dates, which means after that date, the price we’ve got for you might be changed due to suppliers or other reasons. When your product expires, the requested product's status will change from Available to Expired. If you wish to renew it, please contact us via LiveChat so we can review your request again.

If you are satisfied with the product, you can directly import it to your store and start selling immediately. AliExpress product will be handled and fulfilled by PlusBase, not by AliExpress. Therefore, after the first order of a product is placed, we will begin sourcing from our trusted suppliers and will update the product cost accordingly.

B. Import requested products to your store

Please refer to this article on how to import products from PlusBase Catalog and Private request.

C. Frequently asked questions

1. How long will the product be available after I submit a product request with an AliExpress link?

Usually, it only takes a few minutes for an AliExpress product to become available. However, if the product you request has a large number of variants, a delay of approximately 30 minutes should be expected. However, if a large number of products from multiple AliExpress links are requested at the same time, the delay may be prolonged.

At the moment, when you request a product via an AliExpress link, we will check to see if the product has an AliExpress Standard Shipping line available to 5 countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and France. If a product does not have the AliExpress Standard Shipping line to at least 1 of the 5 countries listed, it will not be available to import and start selling on your store. Therefore, you need to replace it with another AliExpress link that meet the above requirement.

Before importing the product to your store, please double-check the product information, including product costs, shipping methods, and shipping countries.

2. Can I make changes to a product after it is made available?

Yes. After successfully requesting and importing a product from AliExpress to your store, you can still make changes to its details, such as images, variant names, descriptions, and selling prices. Please keep in mind that changing the whole variant name to another that is totally different may affect the fulfillment process. In addition, you should not delete all variants of a product

3. Is there any differences in the fulfillment process of products from AliExpress?

In terms of fulfillment, there is no difference between products imported from AliExpress and other products offered by PlusBase. PlusBase will handle and fulfill all products, including those from AliExpress. In addition, we will use the information in your AliExpress requested link as a reference to source the requested product from another supplier. This will help ensure that the Sellers receive the best product quality, shipment time, and price. As a result, the price of the product may differ from that of AliExpress.

PlusBase, on the other hand, will notify you of any changes to AliExpress products (if any) in terms of product cost, shipping fees, and product variants.

Orders placed prior to the update will not have their product costs or shipping fees changed.

Product variants that PlusBase cannot fulfill will be removed from your store, and any orders containing this variant will be canceled. PlusBase will bear full responsibility for any orders that are canceled in accordance with the Policy for PlusBase's sellers.

4. What happens when AliExpress products in my store are updated?

PlusBase will drop you an email if product variants are changed (For example, new variants are added to a product).

In case product costs and shipping fees are changed, you can check the updates in your Private request, and update your sales prices accordingly.

If we are unable to fulfill a variant, we will remove it from your store and notify you of the updates via email.

5. In which case a product from AliExpress cannot set Available?

In some rare cases, the product cannot be made available right away, as we are unable to find a shipping method for your product (The product does not have the AliExpress Standard Shipping line to at least 1 of the 5 countries listed). In that case, your request will be processed in the same way as other product requests.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use links of AliExpress products that include all shipping lines. If the product takes too long to become to Available, you can try another link of the same product if available.

6. Why the product costs and shipping fees differ after importing from AliExpress to PlusBase?

Product costs and shipping fees will be slightly different from AliExpress as a fee is applied to ensure PlusBase's product quality and standards. This fee will vary depending on the quality of the product and will range from $0.99 to $2.59. Particularly for products with Ship from option, shipping fee from China will be applied when importing from AliExpress to PlusBase.

7. How will personalized products be handled when imported using an AliExpress link to PlusBase?

Personalized products from AliExpress must not be imported to PlusBase. In the case a personalized product is imported into PlusBase, any orders for this product will be cancelled, the buyers will be refunded, and the profits will be deducted from your Balance.

In addition, products may not contain intellectual property that is not owned by the Seller.

8. Why is the PlusBase product price different from the price stated on the AliExpress page?

AliExpress' New User bonuses and coupons will be available for users who have never placed an order on AliExpress. As a part of this program, promotional banners with discounted product prices will be featured on AliExpress product pages. However, when importing these products into PlusBase, the bonuses and coupons will not be applied and PlusBase will only import the actual price of the products.

New User bonus promotion banner on AliExpress product page

Learn more about AliExpress' rules for New User Zone here.

9. What is the maximum number of product options and variants that PlusBase can support?

Each PlusBase product can have a maximum of 3 options and 500 variants. If your AliExpress product has more than 3 options OR 500 variants, it cannot be imported into a PlusBase store. Therefore, before importing this product into your PlusBase store, uncheck any unwanted variants and options.

Read more: Understand the quota of daily product creation on ShopBase

10. Is there a restriction on the kind of products that can be sold with PlusBase?

Products must be priced under US$65 on AliExpress.
If you request a product that is priced more than US$65 from AliExpress, the product will not become Available immediately. Instead, PlusBase will need to review this product in order to provide an accurate quotation. You must wait for these products to change status to Available, same as you would when requesting a non-Aliexpress product.
Products must meet all of the required criteria in order to be sold on PlusBase. Please refer to this article on limitations of PlusBase products, and this one for a list of PlusBase restricted products.

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