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The following products will be strictly prohibited from posting, advertising, or selling on the PlusBase platform. Any violation shall constitute a breach of the PlusBase Terms of Service. In addition, orders containing these restricted products will be canceled immediately, and no order profit will be paid to the Seller. Therefore, as a merchant, you should carefully review the PlusBase restricted products listed below before requesting or importing a product into your store.

List of PlusBase restricted products

Products made of raw stones
Products that contain power bank or backup power supply
Chemical products (e.g.: water purification tablets)
Real plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and fresh food products
Knives, scissors, and similar sharp and lethal objects
Weapons, ammunition, and dummy weapons and explosives
Adult-oriented items (e.g.: adult toy)
Minerals and coal
Sunglasses (cannot be shipped to the USA, can only be shipped to Estonia)
Prescription glasses
Raw/unprocessed wood (can only be shipped to the EU)
Products from Manhattan Toy and Disney
Products in roll packaging
Oversized products that is greater than 60×35×40cm in size and 25KG in weight

The normal product size should be 55x35x30cm. The length of 1 side of the product after packaging should not exceed 55cm; only 1 side's length may exceed 35cm; and only two sides' lengths may exceed 30cm. You can contact PlusBase for more assistance in shipping oversized products.
Products that contain DMCA violation, including:
Counterfeit goods: Counterfeiting is the manufacture, import, export, distribution, and sale of consumer goods that are not genuine but are designed and branded to look identical to the authentic products, in order to deceive consumers into believing that they are authentic. Counterfeiting also includes affixing the trademark or logo of a well-known consumer brand to a product, even though the product is not actually made or authorized by that brand.
Products with copyright infringement: Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyright-protected material or intellectual property without the permission of the copyright holder. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, including: inventions, literary and artistic works; quotations, designs, symbols, logos, names, and images used in commerce. Some methods for searching copyrighted products to avoid infringement include, but are not limited to: Google Lens, Yandex, and the USPTO, etc.
Products that can be personalized
Liquid products with a capacity greater than 100ml and a weight greater than 2kg
Medical and healthcare products
Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and drug-like substances (including cannabis, narcotics, and other controlled substances, along with prescription controlled drugs).
Live animals.
Dangerous goods that are banned from entering the receiving country according to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulations.
Hazardous materials with the potential to harm animals and the environment (pesticide, biological chemicals, etc.)

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