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Policy for PlusBase's sellers

For PlusBase, Sellers do not have to contact Buyers directly. After the Sellers receive orders, PlusBase’s operation team will fulfill orders and support Buyers directly for all inquiries related to their orders.

The Buyer can update order information (product variant, address) or cancel the order within 6 hours of the order created time. If the Buyer's order updates alter the Seller's profit, PlusBase will calculate the pricing difference to collect from or refund to the Seller. The modification details will be automatically updated and displayed on the order details page.

For canceled orders, the reimbursements/non-reimbursements for the Sellers will be made in accordance with the Policy for PlusBase's Sellers and the order status.

If a Buyer files a claim for an order, Sellers or PlusBase shall be held responsible, subject to the Policy for PlusBase's sellers.

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A. Qualifying cases in which a Seller’s order profit is not deducted and PlusBase assumes responsibility
B. Cases in which order profit is deducted
C. Notes

A. Qualifying cases in which a Seller’s order profit is not deducted and PlusBase assumes responsibility

Order profit and payment fee (if any) will be deducted when PlusBase refunds the Buyer in the following cases (The deducted amount will be charged directly to the PlusBase Balance. If the Balance is negative, the amount will be directly charged to the credit card linked to the PlusBase Balance):

Orders in case are not successfully delivered after 45 business days for Standard shipping and Premium shipping, or after 60 business days for Eco shipping following the order's placement date.
Orders in case a Buyer files a claim in regards to product quality (defective goods, obvious differences in color/style/size) not as stated in the order confirmation. The claim is submitted within 14 calendar days after the order delivery date recorded on the tracking number.
Orders in case are canceled due to restricted ship-to regions. Notice has not been previously sent to the Seller.

B. Cases in which order profit is deducted

The deducted amount will be charged directly to the PlusBase Balance. If the Balance is negative, the amount will be directly charged to the credit card linked to the PlusBase Balance.

Orders that are canceled upon the Buyer’s request (within 6 hours since order placement).
Order that cannot be processed because Buyers completed the order payment on the checkout page, but the transaction failed.
Orders that are canceled due to a high risk of fraud.
Orders that are canceled because the product violated copyrighted images that the Seller could not prove their right to use.
Orders that are canceled because of including out-of-stock items.
Orders that are canceled because the address was in an undeliverable area and PlusBase had informed the seller in advance about this undeliverable area.
Orders that are canceled due to items on the list of PlusBase restricted products.
Orders that cannot be processed due to the wrong shipping address provided by the Buyer and PlusBase cannot contact the Buyer to obtain the correct information, or at the time of contact, the Buyer refused to provide information and requested an order cancelation.
Orders that cannot be processed due to an uncontrollable force or unforeseeable event, such as natural disasters, pandemics, insufficient supply chain, failure to pass customs, inability to ship by shipping units, etc. and Buyers do not agree to hold the order until it is processed again.
Orders that are claimed due to the following reasons:

The Seller uses the product/order listing information on the advertising platforms and sales pages that are not in accordance with the PlusBase content and product listing policy, or uses outdated information after PlusBase has updated the product information, causing Buyers to misunderstand products/orders.
The Seller uses material-imitating effects that do not accurately reflect the actual material and quality of the product.
The Seller provides information that does not accurately reflect the actual order and product to the Buyer.
When a chargeback request is submitted on the payment gateway attributed to the fault of the Seller, the Seller will be temporarily charged a certain amount and deduct the Seller's Balance. The charged amount includes the chargeback fee required by the payment gateway, and order-related costs (depending on the order status). If the chargeback is won by PlusBase, the whole charged amount is refunded to the Seller.

The Seller requests a refund to the Buyer and the Seller's profit is deducted; or other cases due to the Seller's subjective error.
The seller incorrectly edits information about product variations (information including but not limited to color, quantity, size, volume, and weight of the product) compared to the information that PlusBase provided to the Seller, causing the Buyer to purchase the wrong product. In this case, the Seller's order profit will be deducted, and the Seller shall be responsible for refunding the full order value to the Buyer.

For products from AliExpress, before PlusBase's announcement about product information, Sellers need to ensure that the information content posted for sale on their store must be the same as the product content at the AliExpress link. that the Seller added.

Orders containing AliExpress products placed prior to receiving any product quotation updates from PlusBase, but which cannot be processed by PlusBase using the Seller's chosen AliExpress link (due to an increase in price, out-of-stock items, the supplier is unable to process the order, or the actual product provided by the AliExpress supplier does not match the Seller's product description on product listing pages):

PlusBase will notify the Seller so that the Seller can proactively search for an alternative link or use PlusBase's suggested provider.
After 24 hours from the time of notification, if the Seller does not respond, the Seller cannot find an alternative link, or the alternative link continues to be out of stock, PlusBase will process the order according to the most optimal plan. at the time of order processing (change to PlusBase's suggested supplier and collect additional costs (if any), or cancel the order and refund the Buyer and the Seller's profit will be deducted.

C. Notes

If you need support or additional information, Sellers can contact PlusBase via live chat channels, email
PlusBase is firmly committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of the Seller and the confidentiality of the store's data. Under no circumstances does PlusBase have any influence over the Seller's website visits and purchases (for example, lowering the number of visits or the number of orders).
All visits, order creation counts, and purchases are made entirely on the Seller's website and are recorded in the Analytics dashboard of your PlusBase admin. All sales and profits are added to the Seller's payment account.
PlusBase shall bear all responsibility if the Seller discovers any suspicious activities made by PlusBase that may have an impact on the Seller's website visits and purchases.
PlusBase recommends that Sellers limit the number of request links they import for the same product, in order to avoid cost differences between orders caused by inconsistencies in product price information from different product request links. If the Seller imports and uses a new request link of a product for which PlusBase has previously provided the product quotation, the cost of orders generated by the new link will be recalculated to equal the product price in PlusBase's original quotation information. In the event of a cost difference, PlusBase will add or deduct the difference from the Seller's Balance.

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Updated on: 10/11/2023

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