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Understand PlusBase content and product listing policy

On PlusBase, maintaining the safety of our community is a responsibility we take very seriously. To maintain a healthy and trustworthy business, you may not be allowed to post or sell items or materials which are prohibited or restricted by PlusBase. Please read these below conditions carefully before selling or listing any product for sale on PlusBase.

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A. Overview of PlusBase content and product listing policy
B. Buyer compensation policy
C. Product content policy

A. Overview of PlusBase content and product listing policy

The Seller must carefully adhere to PlusBase's policy on product listing information, which includes the title, image/video, description, and other associated information of the product in section C.
PlusBase Quality Assurance team will review product descriptions on the Seller's store on a regular basis. If violation of product information occurs, PlusBase will notify the Seller via the Seller’s registered email. The Seller must then update the product details in accordance with the information provided by PlusBase within the specified time frame. If the Seller has not updated relevant information by the deadline or in urgent cases (for example, DMCA or fraud violation detection), PlusBase reserves the right to change the product status to "out-of-stock" at any time to ensure that no further orders are placed until the essential product listing updates are completed. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the Seller may also be requested to cover all costs related to buyer compensation (as detailed in Section B), remove the product from their stores, or other necessarily required actions will be taken, including but not limited to suspending/deactivating the Seller’s PlusBase accounts or holding the Seller's profit.
Sales of certain sexually oriented materials or services are strictly prohibited on PlusBase. Sexually oriented material means any book, article, magazine, publication, or written matter of any kind or any drawing, etching, painting, photograph, motion picture film, or sound recording that depicts sexual activity, actual or simulated, involving human beings or human beings and animals, that exhibits uncovered human genitals or the pubic region in a lewd or lascivious manner, or that exhibits human male genitals in a discernibly turgid state, even if completely and opaquely covered.

B. Buyer compensation policy

For orders containing items violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Seller's order profit will be deducted, and the Seller shall be held responsible for a full refund of the order value, along with other related costs made to the Buyers or other involved parties, if any.
The Seller shall also bear full responsibility for any issues that arise as a result of product description that is inconsistent with the PlusBase content and product listing policy, depending on PlusBase's settlement with the Buyers (item resend/refund). If the Buyers file disputes with the payment gateway, the Seller must cover all charges in accordance with the payment gateway's policy.

C. Product content policy

1. Content of products requested from AliExpress to PlusBase

Kindly refer to this article for more information on the content and product listing requirements for AliExpress products on PlusBase.

2. Product title

Product information must accurately reflect the actual quality or nature of the product. The product title must not include any confusing function or material.
The titles of non-authentic products must not contain copyrighted brand names.

Example of violation:

A product is labeled as Waterproof boots, although it is not made of waterproof materials.
A product title contains copyrighted brand names such as Nordstrom, Clarks, etc.

3. Product description

The product description should be thorough and detailed, allowing the Buyers to properly comprehend the product's qualities, uses, and usage instructions, which can be used as a basis for purchase.
The words used in the description should accurately represent the products, without over-description or ambiguity, and without misleading the Buyers.
The product description should be based on the information that PlusBase provided to the Seller.

Example of violation:

"Nano Tape" is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that can hold up to 1 kg. However, while advertising this product, the Seller uses a picture that portrays the product's ability to bear the pressure of a person swinging on it, or objects weighing more than 5-10 kg, etc. As a result, the Buyers misunderstand how to use the product, which leads to claims and disputes because the received product is not as advertised.
The shoes' product description claims that it can prevent obesity. However, the actual product does not have this function.

4. Product origin

The Seller must avoid falsely promoting the origin of a product, as this will mislead customers.

Example of violation:

The product is advertised as "Made in the USA", although it is actually made in China.

5. Product material

The information about product material should be accurate based on the information provided by PlusBase in the product quotation.

Example of violation:

Most shoes and bags are made of PU material. However, the product descriptions of these products claim that they are made of real leather or suede.

6. Product image/video clips

Product images/video clips must accurately reflect the actual quality or nature of the product.
The Seller must not use any image/video clip that violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
For products that are similar to PlusBase products on the Catalog, and are approved by PlusBase, it is critical to ensure the accuracy of their images/videos as PlusBase provided. The Seller can use attractive photos/videos to advertise to the Buyers, but they must also include actual photos/videos of the products in reviews or promotional content for the Buyers to check before buying.
For products that are available on PlusBase Catalog, the images/videos have been processed based on the product's real-life images/videos. The Seller can immediately use these images/videos without having to add more to the product advertisement.

Example of violation:

Some shoes products are not fur-lined or waterproof, yet the Seller includes photos of fur-lined shoes or illustrations of waterproof abilities on the product images.

7. Product variant

Product variants must not be misleading or overly ambiguous.
The product images and description must accurately represent the product variant's descriptions (colors, quantity, size, volume, weight, etc.)

Example of violation:

The product is sold in a single piece, or in a set of 2 pieces. Two variants "set 1" (for 1 piece), and "set 2" (for 2 pieces) are created for the product. However, the product description states that it is available in a set of 10 or a set of 20 pieces. This may lead the Buyers to believe that "set 1" variant refers to a set of 10 pieces and "set 2" variant refers to a set of 20 pieces.

8. Product size chart

The product size chart must match the product size/parameter in the PlusBase quotation.

Example of product size chart policy violation:

The dimension of a bowl is 150x142x133mm (142mm in height). However, it is advertised to be 145mm in height.

9. Order processing and shipping time

The Seller must ensure that the information regarding the order's shipping and processing time is consistent with PlusBase's policy and the committed delivery time for each product type.
Other commitment information, such as delivery within 24 hours, should be avoided at all costs.

Example of violation:

The product description claims that the order will be shipped within 24 hours, or from 2 to 3 days. However, the actual shipping time of 14-21 days is stated in the product page's footer.

10. Policy and Commitment

It is required to accurately refer to and use PlusBase's Return & Refund Policy along with Shipping Policy, and not to add any incorrect information in comparison to PlusBase's shipping policies.

Example of violation:

The product advertising content includes a guarantee "refund if the Buyer is not satisfied with the product within 30-90 days". However, PlusBase does not have this policy.

If the Seller has any concern or complaint regarding requests to update product advertising information, they can contact PlusBase directly via Live Chat, email, or support groups (Facebook, Zalo, etc.) for further assistance.

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Updated on: 14/12/2022

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