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Knowing how to correctly calculate your store's profit is crucial to determine its financial health. This article will give you an overview on how your PlusBase order profit is calculated and how you can view your order profit.

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A. How is My PlusBase Order Profit Calculated?
B. How to View My PlusBase Order Profit

A. How is My PlusBase Order Profit Calculated?

The profit of each order is calculated using the following formula:

Profit = Revenue - Total base cost - Handling fee

In which:

Revenue = Order subtotal - Store discount (if any) (shipping fee is not included)
Total base cost = Sum of [Base cost of each product x Quantity]
Handling fee = Payment fee + Processing fee
Payment fee = [Revenue + Shipping fee] x 3%
Processing fee = [Revenue - Total base cost - Payment fee] x 4%

B. How to View My Order Profit

On PlusBase store admin, go to Orders > All Orders. Click on the order you want to view the order profit to be directed to its detail page.

Scroll down to Your profit section, click Show calculation to see the details on how your order profit is calculated. Here, you can quickly track the total profit of your order, including the revenue, basecost, and other handling fees (payment fee and processing fee).

In case of cancellation or refund, all reasons will be logged in order's timeline.


The refund amount for customers includes a refund for shipping fee.
The amount that is collected from PlusBase orders will be moved to Pending to review which will become Available to payout after 36 hours since the order placement. Please refer to this article to understand more about your ShopBase Balance and know how to request a payout from PlusBase to your PingPong or Payoneer account.
With orders showing signs of fraud or orders that need to be confirmed by the customers due to their order's update or other reasons, the amount of that order will be held and will be moved to Available to payout later.
You should request a payout during business hours for the earliest approval.

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