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After selecting your winning products from PlusBase Catalog or request custom products from our top-rated sourcing service, you can import these products directly to your store. Products from PlusBase Catalog and Private Request are prepared with all the necessary information for you to import to your store and start selling instantly. This article will guide you on how to import products from PlusBase Catalog and Private request.

Kindly refer to these two articles in advance: How to use PlusBase Catalog to find products and How to request custom products to your preference.

Step by Step Tutorial

To directly import products from PlusBase Catalog to your store, from your PlusBase admin site, go to Catalog.

To import requested products from your Private request, from your PlusBase admin site, go to Catalog > Private request.

There are two ways to import products from our Catalog to your store:

Click on the product in Catalog to see the product detail page. Then click Import to store.

Select a number of products at once in Catalog and click Add selected products to store.

Similarly, there are two ways to import requested products from your Private requests to your store:

In Private request, click on the product you want to import. In the product detail page, click Import to store.

In Private request, select all products you want to import and click Import to store.

Next, you will be directed to Import List page which list all products you selected. Here you can:

Click Enable for buyers to view & purchase this product after it was added to your store if you want the products to be available for buyers to view and purchase instantly after being imported to your store.

Review products, make changes to variants and prices before adding them to sell in your store in the Variant and Pricing tabs.

In the Variant tab, you can set up variant's name according to your preference.

In the Pricing tab, you can adjust all product's pricing including:

Shipping fee of the first item and additional item(s) of each product's variant.
Selling price and Compare at price of each product's variant.

By default, the Compare at price is 130% of the Selling price.

Profit margin will be automatically calculated using the following formula: Estimated profit margin = Selling price - Cost - Shipping fee (of first item) - Processing fee - Payment fee.

Selling price cannot be lower than the sum of cost and shipping fee.
The processing rate is based on the risk level of the product. This rate can vary depending on the product and the time of the order creation. It can be viewed in the product catalog, product private request, and product admin page after it is successfully imported to your store. Check out this article for more details on how to calculate your order profit based on the product processing rate.

You can set Shipping fee, Selling price, and Compare at price for all variants by clicking Change all under the respective section and entering your desired amount in the text boxes.

To import all variants of a product, select the product image and click Add products to store.

If you wish to only import some product variants, you can select the variants and then click Add selected products to store.

Once your products have been imported successfully, you can click on Edit product to edit them or View on store to see how they look like on your storefront.

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