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Tips for writing PlusBase product description

A product description brings out the features and benefits of the item. It’s also considered as a marketing method that explains what makes your product stand out from others and why it’s worth purchasing. In this article, we will provide you with some tips for writing your PlusBase product description that are highly unique and appealing.

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A. Goals
B. Requirements
C. Steps to write your product description
D. Tips

A. Goals

A good product description should be able to:

Introduce to customers to special features, unique selling points, and technical specifications of the products.
Attract and convince customers to buy the products.
Accurately reflect the actual quality or nature of the product to minimize the risk of being claimed by customers.

B. Requirements

A good product description should include the following elements:

3-5 unique selling points of the product.
Complete information about materials, dimensions, specifications, care instructions, and usage notes (if any).
Concise, engaging, and informative content with correct spelling and grammar.
Colored or highlighted texts to draw attention to important information.

Example of a good product description

Example of a good product description

C. Steps to write your product description

Search for the product (using product titles, images, etc.) on e-commerce websites such as AliExpress and Amazon.

Read the product information for reference. You can find the product information in the Overview and/or Specifications sections of the product page.

While most products have information available on AliExpress, sometimes, this information can be insufficient for your product's description. In this case, it’s recommended to read information from product photos, or look up the same product on other websites such as Amazon, Google search, YouTube, or other stores selling this product for further information.

Make a list of your product's unique selling points.

Each product should have 3-5 different selling points.
Each selling point should be brief, informative, and attention-grabbing.

Illustrate your selling point using images. Illustration images are essential to have in order to better showcase your product and persuade customers to buy it. These images should explain how the product works and why customers should choose it over competitors. They can be found and downloaded from e-commerce websites (AliExpress, Amazon, etc.) or via Google search.

These images should have high quality (at least 800 x 800 pixels) and should NOT contain:

Trademarks that you do not own.
Watermarks that you do not own.
Non-English phrases
Inappropriate images.

Complete the product description with the following elements:

Each selling point should have 1-3 follow-up sentences to further explain unique features of the product.
Material, dimensions, care instructions, usage notes, and disclaimers should also be included in the description.

D. Tips


Amazon, CJ, Google search, and YouTube are all good sources to look up information about your products.
Look for product features and impactful wording in well-written articles and use keywords such as "Best ceramic pots and pans in 2021"; "Best teething toys for toddlers" in your Google searches.


Copy the entire product description from AliExpress without any proofreading or editing, as there may be misspellings, incorrect grammar, and unnatural word choices.
Copy the entire product description from other websites to avoid repetition and giving customers a negative impression of your store.
Write an excessively long or insufficiently brief product description.

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Updated on: 21/02/2024

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