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Overview of Products

Products and information related to them will directly affect customers' decisions on whether or not to buy the products. You can add, remove, change products and related information on your website to help clearly and effectively convey product information as well as optimize search engine results. Knowing how to manage product related problems will save you time in managing products and other related information on the store. That will additionally improve the efficiency of online business management.

This section will introduce product management tools offered by ShopBase and guide you on how to add, edit and manage product on your online store.

In this section

Add products and product information

Add a new product
Import products via Migrate to ShopBase
Import products to ShopBase via CSV file
Add or remove product tag
Add product image
Add custom watermark to product image
Add Alt text for product image
Add product variants
Set up variant images for your product
Add video to product page
Understand product limitation on ShopBase

Edit and manage products

Search and filter products on ShopBase admin
Edit a product
Duplicate a Product
Delete a product
Change product availability
Customize product tracking IDs
Edit variants for existing products
Change the display order of variant options
Edit a product's options
Clone products and campaigns between your stores
Export products from ShopBase

Overview of Inventory
Overview of Collection
Overview of Product Feeds
Overview of Bulk Update

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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