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With ShopBase, you can use CSV file to import and export product information, customer information, orders, discount information, and so on. Please refer to the article about CSV file and guide to create CSV file. In this article, we will show you how to import products to ShopBase through a CSV file.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase Admin, go to Products.

Click Import.

Click Choose file in the import products by CSV file window. Click the Overwrite existing products that have the same handle checkbox. This will override any data that is on ShopBase.

Please refer to this example CSV file to create a CSV file according to ShopBase requirements. Fields in CSV file include:

Handle (required): part of the product link. i.e, if the link to the product is then womens-snowboard is product handle
Title (required): product title
Body (HTML): product description written in HTML format
Type: product type
Tags: product tag
Published (required): whether the product is public or not, leave the value TRUE if you want to go public and FALSE if you don't want the product to be public on the store
Custom Option: product personalization feature.
Variant SKU: SKU code of product / product variants
Variant Grams (required): product weight / product variants in grams
Variant Inventory Tracker: authorized party to track product inventory / product variant. You can enter shopbase if you allow ShopBase to track product inventory / product variations. If you leave this field blank, the product / product variation inventory is not tracked
Variant Inventory Qty: quantity of product inventory / product variant
Variant Inventory Policy (required): If you allow ShopBase to track the amount of product variation inventory, label continue, and deny if you don't
Variant Fulfillment Service (required): the order processing service you use, you can enter manual (manual order processing) in this field
Variant Price (required): the selling price of the product / product variation
Variant Compare At Price: Original price of the product / product variant before discount
Variant Requires Shipping: whether the product / product variants needs to be shipped to the customer. Valid values ​​in this field are TRUE (yes), FALSE (no), or if you leave it blank the value will be labelled as FALSE.
Variant Taxable: Whether this product / product variation is taxable or not. Valid values ​​in this field are TRUE (yes), FALSE (no), or if you leave it blank the value will be labelled as FALSE.
Variant Barcode: Barcode of product / product variation
Image Src: product image link address
Image Alt Text: Alt text you want to insert for product image
Image Position: position in product image stacking order
Gift Card: whether this product / product variant is applicable for gift card promotion or not
SEO Title: product title appears on search engines (It is recommended to have a maximum of 70 characters)
SEO Description: product description appears on search engines (It is recommended to have a maximum of 320 characters)
Variant Image: Variant image link address. In case the product variant has more than one image, put each link on a new line.
Variant Weight Unit: unit of weight, acceptable values ​​are g, kg, lb and oz.
Variant Tax Code: tax code of product / product variation
Cost per item: the costs associated with the production of the product
Collection: the collection to which you want to add your product. Before you add a product to a collection, you must create it on the previous ShopBase admin page. If you add the value of this collection field but do not have a corresponding collection on the ShopBase admin page, the data will be ignored and the product will not be added to any collections. Please refer to the article on creating collections here
Available On Listing Pages (required): shows whether product / product variant is available in the store or not. Valid values ​​in this field are TRUE (yes), FALSE (no). Please refer to the article to understand how to set up product availability
Available On Sitemap Files (required): shows whether this product / variant appear on search engines or not. Valid values ​​in this field are TRUE (yes), FALSE (no). Please refer to the article to learn more about product availability settings


The number of products you can add is limited by package you are using
The first line contains the names of the fields in the CSV file that should be sorted in the same order as in the sample CSV file
Browsers like Chrome only allow uploading files within 30 seconds. Heavy CSV files can lead to unsuccessful uploads with the accompanying message "The connection has timed out. Please try again later.". To fix this, you should split the file into a smaller size or connect to a faster network. The file cannot be more than 10 MB

Click Upload file

After that, you can preview your file. Click Upload file to finish.

Once the CSV file has been uploaded, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address registered with ShopBase.


In order to upload data to the system faster, your product image will be imported separately. After receiving the confirmation email, if your picture hasn't appeared, please wait for another 5-10 minutes

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