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A. What is product CSV file format?

B. How to import products with a CSV file?

C. Add Collection information

D. Modify Product Availability

A. What is product CSV file format?

Check out our guide to understand the CSV file and how to create one.

Please note that the first line of your product CSV needs to include the field headers described in the table, in the same order, each separated by a comma. Subsequent lines in the file should contain data for your product using the same fields in that exact same order.

B. How to import products with a CSV file?

The amount of products you can import is limited according to your plan. Check out our guide about product limitation.

Browsers like Chrome only allow uploading files within 30 seconds. Heavy CSV files may lead to failed uploading with the following notice. To fix this, you should break the file into smaller size, or connect to a faster network. The file shouldn't be over 10 MB.


Head to your ShopBase Admin and click Products.

Click Import.

Click Choose file in the Import products by CSV file window.

Locate your CSV file, then click to open.

Click the Overwrite existing products that have the same handle checkbox. This will override any data that is on ShopBase.

Click Upload file.

After this, you will see a preview of your product:

After your CSV file is uploaded, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you used to set up your ShopBase store.

To maximum import speed, your product images will be imported separately. After receiving the confirmation email, on the off chance that your images haven't been imported yet, kindly wait about 5-10 minutes more

If your old store is from Shopify platform, check out Migrate products from Shopify to ShopBase to migrate your data quicker to ShopBase

C. Add Collection information

By default, the sample CSV file doesn't include Collection. To categorize imported products to specific collections, you can add a column titled Collection in the CSV file, then fill in the collection names for your products.

If you add values but don't have such collections on your ShopBase admin yet, the data will be ignored and products won't be added to any collection.

You can also use either Bulk Update, Manual Collection or Automated Collection feature to quickly add multiple products into collections.

D. Modify Product Availability

ShopBase provides a feature that helps you hide your product from listing page or crawl tools (details here). By default, all new products will have these two options checked.

But you can modify your importing CSV file so your new products will have those options unchecked from the beginning. Steps:

Add 2 columns titled Available On Listing Pages and Available On Sitemap Files in the CSV file
Fill FALSE if you want to uncheck 2 options
Fill TRUE or ignore if you want to check these options as normal


If it is FALSE

The corresponding option will be unchecked

These fields are optional. If it is blank or the column does not exist, we will ignore and check both options on your products.
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