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Import products by Migrate to ShopBase app

If you own an online store on Shopify, WooCommerce, Merchize, Shoplazza, or Shopline platforms, you can use ShopBase's built-in app, Migrate to ShopBase, to migrate your products from your online store on those platforms to your ShopBase store. This data migration saves you time as you can make use of existing product information without having to perform additional editing acts on the content.

This article will guide you on how to import products by Migrate to ShopBase app in just a few steps.

In this section

A. Import with Custom app (Shopify only)
B. Import by URLs

A. Import with Custom app (Shopify only)

Please refer to this article on how to import products from Shopify to ShopBase via custom app.

B. Import by URLs

Before allowing imports, ShopBase needs to make sure that you are importing products from your own stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, Merchize, Shoplazza, or Shopline to ShopBase. To whitelist, please follow our instruction.

Go to the Shopify - WooCommerce - Merchize - Shoplazza - Shopline admin. Create a sample product with the product title + creating date. (e.g 0520).

Send us the link to check this product via our live chat.

Our agent will check and verify if your link is qualified and let you know via chat. All is done, you can start importing from this original store.

From ShopBase admin, go to Apps > Migrate to ShopBase.

Click Import from URLs.

Choose the platform you want to import product information to ShopBase.

Choose Enter URLs or Upload CSV file.

If you choose Enter URLs, paste the link to this field with each link on a line:

If you choose Upload CSV file, you can refer to this example file and create your own file then upload to the system. There are fields in CSV file such as:

url (required): product link.
title: product title.
tags: product tag.
percentage_discount: discount percentage.
product_type: product type.

The CSV file will be limited to 5000 lines. If you have more products than you want to import, you can divide the number of products and import them into the system.

Click Import.

You can check the process on Import List.

The number of products allowed to enter ShopBase stores each day depends on the service package you register to use, please refer to at this article.

Add a new product
Import products to ShopBase via CSV file
Add or remove product tag
Add product image
Add custom watermark to product image
Add Alt text for product image
Add product variants

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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