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To ensure the traffic of your ShopBase store, especially during holiday and sales season, the limitation will be set for variants, images, and daily product import on a store. The details are as follows:

A. Variants

Each product can have maximum 250 variants. For example, a product with 9 sizes, 5 colors, 5 types (9x5x5 = 225 variants) is allowed, but with 6 colors (9x6x5 = 270 variants) will be rejected.

B. Images

The maximum number of images for a product is 250.

C. Daily product import

Overall: Each subscription plan goes with a limit on how many products you can add to your ShopBase store each day:
Trial/Basic Base plan: 3,000 products/day
Standard Base plan: 6,000 products/day
Pro Base plan: 30,000 products/day
PrintBase plan (via Bulk Duplicate feature): 150 products/hour

Please also note that the first 5,000 first products imported on the store (regardless of import methods) will be prioritized and estimated to be online in 30 minutes. From the 5,001 products onward, the import request will be queued to be online in 2 hours.

URLs (on Migrate to ShopBase app):
Trial/Basic Base plan: 200 URLs/day
Standard Base plan: 1,000 URLs/day
Pro Base plan: 10,000 URLs/day

URLs from AliExpress to Dropshipping Connector app

1000 URLs every day. Restart at 7 AM GMT +7

Each store can't import more than 50 URLs per day from a domain before verifying the store ownership. Please check out our guide about how to verify on your end, then contact our Chat Support to verify and remove this limitation.

By Connect a Shop (on Migrate to ShopBase app):
5,000 products/shop
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