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Product feed is the file that contains all the information about your product. You can upload it to online sales channels like Google Shopping and Facebook to convey all information about your store's product listing. Google Shopping and Facebook will display information related to the product based on the feed you provide.

ShopBase provides a tool to help sellers create product feeds in just a few basic taps, which saves sellers time especially when you want to feed multiple products. In this article, we'll instruct you on how to create product feeds on the ShopBase admin page.

Step by step Tutorial

Go to ShopBase admin, chose Products >> Product feeds. Click Add product feed.

Fill all necessary fields and create the feed.

In which:

Feed name
All products or just some of them?: choose the product you want to add to product feed. You can choose All products or Products from selected collections
Export mode: choose Export all variations of a product or Export only first variation of a product
Variant title: choose Do not add variant title at the end of the title or Add all options like color, size, etc behind the title (example: t-shirt red S)
Submit products as custom products: choose Yes (if you create a feed of unique products or personalized products, that means that no one sells this product but you in the marketplace.) or No. When choosing Yes, ShopBase will not create a feed with some identifier fields for this product (such as Brand Name or GTIN / Barcode)
Google product category: you choose the corresponding product category on Google for your products here. For example: You sell 2D T-shirts, 3D T-shirts, Tank top ... you should choose Apparel & Accessories> Clothing> Shirts & Tops. You trade in products like Blanket (Blanket / Quilt) so choose Home & Garden> Lawn & Garden> Outdoor Living> Outdoor Blankets. You deal in products such as Phone Cases (Phone Cases) should choose Electronics> Communications> Telephony> Mobile Phone Accessories> Mobile Phone Cases. You trade in Coc (Mug) products, you should choose Home & Garden> Kitchen & Dining> Tableware> Drinkware> Mugs
Default Gender: you choose the gender for the products you feed, this field is required if your product is the apparel sold for the Brazilian, French, German, and Japanese markets. , UK and United States
Default Age Group: you select the ages for the products that you feed the feed, this field is required if your product is the apparel sold for the Brazilian, French, German, and Japanese markets. Edition, UK and US


In case products you create your feed in are in the Apparel & Accessories category, the Google Merchant Center requests complete color and size information for your products. With ShopBase, products without color / size information can be systematically added automatically when you feed the product. You just need to set the default color and size for products without these two information in the fields as shown below so that when creating a product feed ShopBase will automatically add these defaults for your products that do not have information for these two fields.

Click Save


Your product feed will be updated by 0 o'clock everday (GMT +0).

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