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Overview of Product Feeds

Product feeds contain all of your product details and must be submitted to online sales platforms such as Google Shopping and Facebook in order to convey all information about your store's product listing. On ShopBase, product feed can be managed in two ways.

Advanced product feed using content API: Your product data is automatically synchronized to the sales channel's account connected to your ShopBase store. At the moment, Google Merchant Center is the only channel supported by this method.
Basic product feed using files: Product data is periodically generated to a CSV/JSON file and delivered as a URL, then you directly upload the link into your desired sales channels.

ShopBase provides a tool that allows you to create and edit product feeds in a few simple steps. This saves time, especially if you need to create multiple feeds for different products. The following article will walk you through the process of creating and editing product feeds from the ShopBase admin page.

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Understand product feeds
Create product feeds
Add and override default feed values
Edit product feeds
Understand default color and default size for Product feeds
Automatically sync product feed to Google Merchant Center
Create Klaviyo Email campaigns using Product Feed
Add product feeds to Facebook Business
Troubleshooting - Issues when adding product feeds to Google Merchant Center
Sync product feed to TikTok Catalog Manager

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Updated on: 15/08/2022

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