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You might have some errors when adding product feeds to your Google Merchant Center account. They include:

A. Disapproved products
B. Products got warnings
C. Checkout incomplete

In this guide, we will list some general issues and how to handle them.

A. Disapproved products

When some products are not approved, you will find the red error icon on the Diagnostics page as below

The reason might be:

1. Google is carrying out Initial review and Crawl data

When you upload your product feeds to your Google Merchant Center for the first time, the website and products must be reviewed before the first data crawling. The process might take from 3 to 6 working days, and during this time you might see the following statuses

Pending initial review/Initial review

Crawl pending

Crawl rate too slow

You should wait for about 3-6 days. When Google finished reviewing and crawling your data, the products will be uploaded successfully to Google Merchant Center, and you can create ads with your products.

Note: If you get Crawl rate too slow, even after the review and data crawling, please download the file Samples and send to ShopBase support team so we can check for you.

2. Violated Google's policies

Google's policies are created to provide safe and positive experiences to everyone when visiting Google and their partners' websites. Google might disapprove your products if you don't follow such policies. In case of severe violation, Google might suspend your account.

Review the Merchant Center Terms of Service and the Shopping ads policies carefully before submitting your products to Merchant Center to prevent account suspensions.

3. Images have promotional overlay

Some of your items have images with promotional text (for example, retailer logos or calls to action) or obstructing elements such as watermarks. Since clear images of a product help to inform online shoppers, all items on Shopping ads require an image with an unobstructed view of the product that does not contain additional promotional elements.

In this case, you will need to have to promotional texts removed and resubmit your images.

4. Other issues:
If your products are not approved but the issue doesn't fall into any of the categories above, please follow the steps below so we can check for you:

Step 1: Download the file attached to View Samples of the disapproved items.

Step 2: Check these items (descriptions, URLs on the storefront, etc.) If you can detect and fix the issue, you can fix your product feed file and add it again to Google Merchant Center.

If you can't find the issue, please contact us with the Samples file attached via email, or through chat icon at the bottom right of your ShopBase dashboard.

B. Products got warnings
You will see the yellow warning icon as follows

If Google found that your product data is not in compliance with the product specification requirements, you’ll see such warnings on your account. During the warning period, your items will continue to appear in Shopping ads, products are still shown on ads.

However, you will receive a warning email with examples of the issues that you need to fix, and a timeframe to fix your issues (usually 7 days).

If you can't find the issue, please contact us with the Samples file attached via email, or through chat icon at the bottom right of your ShopBase dashboard.

C. Checkout incomplete

PayPal Smart Button turned on

PayPal verifies the billing and shipping information via Smart Button very closely, hence it's likely to get Checkout incomplete error when you turn Smart Button on before verifying with Google Merchant Center. To prevent this, please turn off PayPal Smart Button before you verify.
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