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You can add or override product information in your feed by adding a tag for the product on the ShopBase admin page. In this article, we will show you how to add or override product values ​​in feed.

Step by step Tutorial

From Shopbase Admin, go to Products >> All products

Choose the product you want to add or override feed value.

In the Tags box, enter the tag with the format is feed-{field}-{value} with {field} as the field name you want to add and {value} as the field value. You can refer to guidance on field name and requirements to data fields by Google Merchant Center. If you want to add data on product gender, you can create feed-gender-female tag.

You can also add tags for multiple products at once using ShopBase's bulk edit update feature, please read this article for details on how to edit multiple products at once


If gender and age fields are added into product feeds by creating product feeds or adding tags to products, product feeds created via tags will be prioritized.

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