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Once you have your data feed set up, you can upload it to your catalogue. To add your data feed to a catalogue, please follow our article:

A. Create a catalogue (If you haven't got one)

Go to Catalogue Manager.

Select E-Commerce category for your online products. Click Next.

Choose Upload Product Info. Click Create.

B. Upload a data feed to the catalogue

Login your Catalogue Manager. Select your catalogue.

Select Product data sources and go to Product Data Sources section. Click Add products

Select Use data feeds and click Next.

Choose Set a Schedule . Under the Add a Data Feed URL, paste your product feed URL created on your ShopBase admin.

You can set Schedule Your Automatic Uploads and Feed Name to your liking.

Your browser may auto-fill your Facebook username and password in Data Feed URL Login Details (Optional). This is not needed. Please make sure these boxes are blank.

Select a default currency. If you don't include prices with an ISO currency code in your data feed, the default currency will appear in any ads or posts that use your catalogue.

Click Start upload.

And you've uploaded items to your catalogue with a data feed.
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