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Sync product feed to TikTok Catalog Manager

Creating product feed is complicated and error-prone. However, with ShopBase built-in features, you can create product feeds with just a few clicks. Once you've set up your feed, you can upload it to your TikTok Catalog Manager to start advertising your products.

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A. Create a catalog
B. Upload feed to catalog

A. Create a catalog

If you haven't created a product catalog yet, please do so before adding your feed to TikTok Catalog Manager.

Go to Ads Manager and log into your account.

Select Asset > Catalog.

Click Add Catalog.

Enter information in Catalog Name, Default Location, Default Currency. Then click Create.

You must set the same currency for your store and your TikTok catalog to avoid your products being rejected.
The Default Location list is customized based on your account settings. In case you cannot find your desired location, please contact TikTok for further support.

B. Upload feed to catalog

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Products > Product feeds. Click on the copy icon next to any TikTok feed to copy the feed link you want to add to TikTok.

Go to Ads Manager and log in to your account. Then select Assets > Catalog and choose the catalog you want to add products.

Select Products > Add products.

Select Data Feed Schedule and click Next.

Set up your product source by:

Inserting Data Feed Name.
Pasting the product feed link you copied in step 1 to the Data Feed URL field.
Selecting the hourly and daily data update time in the Automatic upload and Repeat section.
Selecting Update method.

It is recommended that you set Daily update because your TikTok feeds will be refreshed only once per day.

Click Import. After your feed is successfully uploaded to TikTok Catalog, TikTok will list feed-related information as shown below.

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Updated on: 17/10/2022

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