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ShopBase has built-in Product Feed feature that can help you create the product feeds then you can use the feed on other Shopping channels like Facebook & Google Ads.

With ShopBase, unlike other platforms, you don't have to add any tracking code for Facebook & Google Ads, we have tracking built-in to ShopBase storefront. All you need to do is add Google conversion ID & Facebook pixel to your Online Store preferences.

In this article

A. Create product feeds with ShopBase
B. Set gender and age-group
C. Add and override default feed values
D. Add product feeds to shopping channels
E. Update feeds immediately

A. Create product feeds with ShopBase

Go to ShopBase Admin > Products > Product feeds > Add product feed.

Fill all necessary fields and create the feed.

Any products without images can't be generated to feeds, so they won't appear in your Product feed URL.
You can name the feed according to the format Collection name - Product Feed.
If the product is personalized or you are the only Advertiser running Shopping Ads on such product, choose Yes under Submit products as custom products. We will not submit any product identifier for these Custom products (such as Brand Name and Barcode/GTIN).
With Google product category, you will need to set gender and Age group.

B. Set gender and age-group

This step is required if you sell apparel.

From your ShopBase admin, enter Products page and click the name of the product you are intending to add labels.

At the Edit Product page, find product's Tags section. Fill in your desired attributes in the correct format, and hit Enter to confirm your new attributes. Click Save changes on the top-right corner when you finish making your changes.

Note: ShopBase supports adding tags for fields of products with template feed-{field}-{Value} to override the default value. Check out C section in this guide for more information.

You can also set gender and age-group when creating a product feed instead of adding tags:

If Gender and Age-group are set in product feed and also added tags for products, prioritize the tags.
After creating, your product feeds will be automatically updated at the time specified in Products > Product feeds in your store every day (see the photo below), and the update process might take a few hours for the whole system. The time can differs between stores. Feeds are also updated immediately if there's any change on ShopBase admin > Product feeds (such as title change).

The link will be the same and can be used for both Google and Facebook channels. For more information, please go to section E in this article.

C. Add or override default feed values

For fields such as Custom Labels or values that you want to override, you can add a product tag (or bulk update tags) for the products to manually add feed values. The format is feed-{field}-{Value}.

Example: To add a custom label whose value is ABC, you need to add the tag feed-custom_label_0-ABC to your product.

D. Add product feeds to shopping channels

After creating the product feeds, you can add them to Google Merchant Center or Facebook Business Manager accordingly to your preference.

Check out our guide to
Verify your ShopBase website on Google Merchant Center
Add product feed to Google Merchant Center
Add product feed to Facebook Business

E. Update feeds immediately

To update your feed immediately:

ShopBase admin > Product feeds. Click the feed name to go to the Edit page of the feed you want to update.
Change the feed's title. Save your change.
You can edit the name to your original feed name. Save again.
Go to your Google Merchant Center account > Products > Feeds. Select the feed name, then Fetch now

The link will be the same and can be used for both Google and Facebook channels.
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