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Understand ShopBase pricing plans

ShopBase offers an extremely affordable pricing plans, which includes 2 types of subscription fees: free trials in the first 14 days, and subscription fee charged.

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A. Free trial
B. Pricing plans
C. Promotion code

A. Free trial

ShopBase offers 14 free trial days for new merchants to test and work on their store. The subscription fee won't be charged during this time, even if the merchants add a card to upgrade their subscription plan. Click here to learn more about free trial on ShopBase.

B. Pricing plan

We offer 4 packages: Fulfillment Only, Basic Base, Standard Base, and Pro Base with different transaction fees to meet online merchants' needs. Click here to learn more about ShopBase pricing plans.

C. Promotion code

Promotion codes are coupons/discount codes on subscription fees, and are sent out to sellers on specific occasions and events. Please make sure you add the code to your store within the allowed time and conditions. When you have a promo code, please refer to this guide to Add promo code to your shop

High cost is perhaps the biggest barrier stopping sellers from entering the dropshipping niche. Therefore, ShopBase is proud of being the most affordable ecommerce platform, fueling thousands of sellers to kickstart and grow businesses of their own, and becoming the best alternatives to Shopify, Magento, or other high-priced platforms.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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