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Based on your ShopBase packages and billing cycles, your bill will show several charges and fee. They will be calculated in US dollars only.

On this page:

A. Subscription fees

B. Transaction fees

C. What happens when the charge fails

D. Negative balance

A. Subscription fees

Subscription fees are the recurring charge for using ShopBase, and varies based on your package. ShopBase offers 3 package options (Basic Base, Standard Base, Pro Base) and 2 billing cycles (monthly and annually). You can find out the pricing here for each plan. Annual billing cycle goes with a discount on the subscription charge amount compared to monthly one.

Currently, the subscription fees are paid via the store's balance.

Stores that choose package plan during their free-trial won't be charged immediately. They will pay the fee when the subscription starts after free-trail period.

Check and upgrade/downgrade your plan

From your ShopBase admin, go to Settings > Account.

In Account overview section, you can see your current plan. To change your plan, click Compare plan or Upgrade plan. You will be directed to select your new plan.

Confirm your change of plan.

Subscription change when plan is changed

When you upgrade or downgrade your plan, the remaining days of your subscription will be refunded immediately to your Balance, and the new subscription fee will be charged immediately. Please read here about the ShopBase Balance.

In case new subscription hasn't been paid successfully, the refund can't be issued.

B. Transaction fees

These are charges for each transaction when you use a third-party payment provider to get customer payments for successful orders. This fee covers the charge for ShopBase to integrate with an external payment provider.

The transaction fee rate depends on which package you selected. The transaction fees is waived if your store has less than 50 orders and is in free trial period.

Who are payment providers?

They provide service to transfer your customers' money to you with an amount of transaction fee. For example, Stripe allows your orders to be paid by major cards or mobile apps.

At the moment, you can connect Stripe and PayPal, two most major payment providers in the world, to be your payment gateway(s). Check out our guide for Stripe here and for PayPal here to connect these payment providers to your store.

Calculate your transaction fees

[(cost of products - discount) + shipping charges] x rate


The transaction fee is charged after an order is placed and paid.

For orders that have been placed then refunded, the transaction fee will be deducted, if only it has not been charged successfully.

C. What happens when the charge fails

The transaction is considered failed when ShopBase can't charge your fees. In that case, there will be a warning on your ShopBase admin page, and the system will charge you again 3 days later by default. If the payment hasn't been made 15 days after the first failed charge, the store will be frozen.

D. Negative balance

When your balance reaches below -$20, our system will automatically top-up the balance. The amount is withdrawn from your card connected to your account. For more information, please refer to our article here about ShopBase Balance.
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