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ShopBase Balance is a credit account used to receive payments from customers (for orders processed via PrintBase) or pay fees and services to ShopBase. This article will help you to understand ShopBase Balance and the activities related to ShopBase Balance.


Each ShopBase seller will own a ShopBase Balance account. If the ShopBase seller has multiple stores, the transactions for each store will be recorded accordingly in the View History section (see section C of the article).

In this article:

A. What can you use your Balance for?
B. How to check your balance
C. View payout/top-up history
D. How to top up balance
E. Change card payment information
F. How to request a payout

A. What can you use your Balance for?

You can use your Balance for:

Pay for Abandoned Checkout SMS

ShopBase offers a feature to help you send a text message (SMS) that encourages customers to complete the checkout process for Abandoned Checkout. The service fee for this feature is $0.02 / SMS. This fee will be charged directly to your ShopBase Balance account.

Pay the Subscription & Transaction fees

Subscription fee is monthly charged on ShopBase, while the transaction fee is a fee you pay to ShopBase for each transaction you make with customers. When payment is due, your ShopBase Balance account will be charged for these fees. Please refer to this article on ShopBase fee and charge.

Pay the PrintHub orders

All PrintHub orders will be charged by ShopBase Balance, but by default, Balance is inactive. Sellers should activate ShopBase Balance to let the orders to be processed. In case the Balance is insufficient, the remaining amount will be taken from the credit card.

ShopBase prioritizes withdrawing money from the source which costs the lowest transaction fee to offer the benefit for ShopBase merchants.

PrintBase Profit

PrintBase merchants would receive order profit and money from Cashback Program by clicking Balance in Pending to Review section (this will be guided ni section B). After 3-day review, your profit would be transferred to Available to Payout for you to request. Merchants can use this amount to pay for other services of PrintBase without the need of topping-up more fund.


PrintBase Profit or Cashback fund would not be charged for transaction fee.

B. How to check your balance

Step by Step Tutorial

From your Store admin page, click on Profile at the bottom left of the page.

Click on Balance to visit ShopBase Balance settings.

In which:

Total current available: The funds come from your top-up, profit of PrintBase, the amount of cash back from Affiliate program/PrintBase promotion, gifts from ShopBase and the remainder when changing your plan. You can use it to pay for the Service fee, transaction fee, and subscription fee.

Available to payout: The funds can be paid out to your payment account on the next schedule. They come from your profit of PrintBase, the amount of cash back from Affiliate program and the amount of cash back from PrintBase promotion.

Pending to review: The funds coming from PrintBase profit are not yet available to be paid out and will be pending in 36 hours since the day the order has been placed.

C. View payout/top-up history

From ShopBase Balance dashboard in section B, click View history to view transaction history of your ShopBase Balance account. With each ShopBase Balance account receiving money or being deducted, there will be 1 invoice created. In each invoice, there will be transactions to represent each plus / minus movement of that invoice. Usually each invoice will be associated with 1 transaction. But with the invoices related to the order refund, there will be 2 transactions.

In View history page:

Type: types of invoices, IN are invoices that the account is topped up and OUT is the invoices for which the account is deducted. Another example is that the ShopBase fee charged per transaction will be deducted from your ShopBase Balance account, each of which will be generated with an invoice in the form of an OUT. If the order is returned, ShopBase will return the transaction fee to the seller, then an invoice will be generated in the form of IN.
Shop name: shop name that generates invoice
Content: content of the invoice
Amount: the amount of the bill
Status: the status of the bill
Created date: the date the invoice was created
Lastest transaction date: The date of the last transaction in an invoice

You can filter invoices by clicking on Filter with filters such as Shop name, Type or Content.

D. Change your card information

By default, the payment information for your ShopBase Balance account will be the card information you use for your ShopBase account. You can change the payment information for Balance by following the instructions below.

Step by Step Tutorial

Go to Billing information on ShopBase Balance, click Replace credit card.

Enter information in Add credit card box, click Save.

E. How to top up balance

You can also top up from your bank card into your ShopBase Balance account. There are two ways to top up including manual deposit and automatic deposit. This section will guide you how to top up your ShopBase Balance account.


Before you Add/update your Billing Information, please be noted that the billing information for Balance will be taken directly from the credit card you use for ShopBase.

If you want to change payment information used for Balance, click Replace credit card to add a new card. After you've finished, remember to click Save.

Any Balance top-up via credit card has to pay a 3% transaction fee of the total top-up amount.
When your ShopBase Balance account balance reaches below - $40, our system will automatically top up your account. The funds will be withdrawn from the credit card linked to your Balance account.

Top up your Balance manually

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase Balance dashboard, click Top up in Balance to to add funds to your account.

In Add funds page:

Select the desired amount in the available boxes below Choose amount to add by clicking on the option below in Top up amount section or enter the amount in the box below Other amount.

Select the funds you use to top up your ShopBase Balance account listed below Select a payment method, including Credit card or Wire Transfer (transfer via bank account, PayPal, Payoneer or PingPong). If you choose Credit card, please add your credit card to the admin page before making a deposit to your ShopBalance account. If you choose the Wire transfer method:

- You can choose the ShopBase account to which you will transfer funds in the drop-down menu list below the line Select a preferred account to transfer funds. After that, the system will display account details for you to transfer money into.

- Below the line Make sure you include the reference note in your transaction so that we can proceed with your payment faster. is the transaction code on ShopBase system, please copy and paste this code in the transfer text for ShopBase to check transaction information faster.

- Below are the fields for you to fill in the information about the account you use to transfer money and the transaction code of the money transfer system (transaction id) you use. You should attach a photo of the transaction confirmation receipt of the form you use to transfer money by clicking Attach file to upload the image from your device to the system.

Top up via transfering money
Click Confirm top up


If you choose to top up by Credit card, after clicking Confirm top up, the amount will be deposited into your ShopBase Balance account immediately. If you choose the transfer method, after making the transfer, ShopBase's accountant will check to confirm the amount transferred based on the account and the information you provided above. After checking and confirming that it is correct, the money you transferred will be deposited into ShopBase Balance and displayed on the system.
Each click of Confirm top up is equivalent to one transfer transaction, the system will not accumulate transactions. Minimum amount per trade is $5 & maximum is $100,000.

Set up Auto Top-up

This feature aims at lessening the chance your Balance stops working due to insufficient funds. You can set up a certain threshold which will allow ShopBase to automatically add more credits if your balance falls below this threshold.

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase Balance dashboard, click Top up in Balance section to top up your balance.

In Add funds page, tick Enable auto recharge. Enter the amount you want to automatically top up from the card in the Add $ ... to your credit account section and the condition for automatic top-ups is when the balance is below a certain threshold set in the When my balance falls below section then press Confirm top up.

You can find Auto Top-up in ShopBase Balance management page, tick Enable auto recharge. Enter the amount you want to automatically top up from the card in the Add $ ... to your credit account section and the condition for automatic top-ups is when the balance is below a certain threshold set in the When my balance falls below section then press Save changes.

F. How to request a payout

Step by Step Tutorial

Go to ShopBase Balance dashboard

To submit a payout request to your ShopBase Balance account, you will need to enter your Payoneer or PingPong account into the Payout field by pressing the Edit button to add the corresponding account type. Then press Save.

Once your Payoneer or PingPong account is connected, you can submit a withdrawal request to your account from ShopBase Balance by clicking Request payout, a new window will appear where you can Select the account and the amount you want to receive to your account from ShopBase Balance, then press Send request.

You can also keep track of the funds paid out to your account by clicking View payouts.


ShopBase requires a $50 profit minimum for all payout requests.
Payouts requests are processed within 1 to 2 working days. After they are approved, the funds will reach your payment account within 2 to 4 hours. The time to receive the payout varies according to the processing time of each bank.
In case your payout request is refused, you will be provided with the reason why. The request's status will also be updated to Refused.
The amount added to Balance via Top-up cannot be withdrawn via Payout.
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