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Request a payout

This article will show you how to pay out your profits from ShopBase Balance.

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A. Request a payout
B. Important notes

A. Request a payout

From your store admin, click on your profile at the bottom left of the page and select Balance to visit your Balance dashboard.

To submit a payout request to your ShopBase Balance account, you will need to connect to at least one of your receiving accounts from a local bank, Payoneer, PayPal, PingPong or Wise.

To connect a local bank account, enter your account details into the Payout > Local bank account section by clicking Add account details. In the pop-up, enter your complete local bank account details, then click Save once finished.

Click Add account details
In the pop-up, enter your local bank account details
To connect a PayPal, PingPong or a Wise account, enter your account email into the Payout section by clicking the Edit button to add the corresponding account type. Then click Save.

To connect a Payoneer account, choose Connect with Payoneer. In the new window, sign in or sign up a Payoneer account. If you already have a Payoneer account, choose Already have a Payoneer account? Click here and fill in your email address and password to connect. If you don’t have a Payoneer account, you can create one by filling out the required information.

Click 'Connect with Payoneer' to connect a Payoneer account
In the new window, sign up a new Payoneer account
Or sign in to an existing Payoneer account
When you successfully sign up or sign in your Payoneer account, you will be redirected to your ShopBase Balance dashboard and the connected account will be shown in the Account information section.

To disconnect your Payoneer account, click on the Delete icon and choose Confirm.

After disconnecting your Payoneer account to the store, you can still be able to re-connect it later.

Once your local bank, Payoneer, PayPal, or PingPong account is connected, you can submit a payout request to your account from ShopBase Balance by clicking Request payout. In the new window, select the Funding Source that you want to payout from, the Payout method, and the amount you want to receive, then press Send request.

You can only request payout with Payoneer method if your connected Payoneer account is an active account.
If you request a payout to your local bank account, the time it takes to receive the payout amount depends on your local bank procedure. It may also take up to 2 to 3 calendar days during the weekend. In addition, the payout amount in local currency will be determined by the exchange rate of the sender's bank.

You can also keep track of the funds paid out to your account by clicking View requests.

B. Important notes

For payout requests to your Payoneer account, ShopBase uses the Mass Payout method. By using this method, your payouts will be recognized by Payoneer as platform revenue, thereby allowing your Payoneer account to enjoy perks such as application for an increase in remittance/receiving limit, fee reductions, virtual cards requests, customer programs, etc. With this method, Payoneer charges $3 per payout. However you can contact Payoneer for assistance in reducing fees depending on your revenue size.
If the store is still in the free trial period and not under any subscription plan, you CANNOT pay out the profits earned from business activities. This profit will remain in Available Soon until a subscription plan is activated. Then, it will move to Available to Payout according to each service rule. You can also view the specific available date for each transaction in your Balance dashboard.
ShopBase requires a $50 profit minimum for all payout requests.
When you submit your first payout request, ShopBase will review your account's risk level within 3-5 business days. Your payout request will be processed once we have completed our review of your account.
Payout requests are processed within 24 hours. However, requests submitted after 9 a.m. (UTC+0) on Saturdays and any time on Sundays will be processed on the next Monday. You should request a payout during business hours for the earliest approval. After they are approved, the funds will reach your payment account. Please note that the time to receive the payout varies depending on the working processing time of your bank company.
In case your payout request is declined, you will be informed of the reason and given instruction on how to process the payout via email and also on your admin dashboard. The request's status will also be updated from Success to Refunded.
Profits from business activities in ShopBase Balance will be available to pay out after successfully covering all essential service fees and outstanding amounts.
For PrintBase and PlusBase orders showing signs of fraud (with at least one red flag in the fraud analysis), the profits will be transferred from Available Soon to Available to Payout in 72 hours after the order is successfully placed.
For PrintBase and PlusBase orders that need to be re-confirmed by the customers due to their order updates or other reasons, the profits will be held in Available Soon. The amounts will be moved to Available to Payout once the order is successfully confirmed by the customers and approved by our Operation Team.
The amount added to Balance via Top-up cannot be withdrawn via Payout.
Your payout request button will be temporarily disabled if your account shows signs of scam or DMCA violation, Terms of Service violation, Privacy Policy violation. There will be a disable notification shown in your admin and sent to your email address, including the reason and the expected date of re-enable. For more information, please contact

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Updated on: 03/05/2024

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