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Fraud analysis is a Shopbase build-in tool, it will show the safety of the order or not to protect your order from frauds which can cause you lost money. In this part, we will introduce you with fraud analysis indicators so you can utilize this feature for your online store.


Indicators can give you ideas about how to investigate an order but don't show you how likely it is that an order is fraudulent.

Step by step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Orders

Open a certain order

Check Fraud Analysis on the right column

Click View full analysis. A new box appears where you can see a full fraud analysis of the order

B. Understand the Indicators

While referring to a fraud analysis popup, you might see customers' IPs, addresses, customers' card CVV number,... in Indicators section and other detailed information in Additional Information. Analysis in Indicators using different colors to grade order safety:

Green: show information that is usually seen on legitimate orders
Red: show information that is usually seen on fraudulent orders

Using both elements, you can have your own evaluation on how likely it is that an order is fraudulent.

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