With ShopBase Payments, you will be ready to accept all major payment method the moment your ShopBase store is created. There's no need to set up a third-party payment provider or merchant account. It is indeed the simplest and fastest way to accept payments online.

On this page:
A. Supported countries
B. Setting up ShopBase Payments
C. Configuring ShopBase Payments
D. Getting paid with ShopBase Payments
E. Supported currencies

A. Supported countries

ShopBase Payments is divided into 2 categories: ShopBase Payments by Stripe and ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap, each will support certain countries.

Here's the list of countries that ShopBase Payments is available:

ShopBase Payments by Stripe:
United States

ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap: (not available at the moment)

For other countries, this feature will be updated soon.

B. Setting up ShopBase Payments

Required information

When setting up ShopBase Payments, you will need to provide the following information:
Business details: business name, address, phone, email, Tax ID.
Personal information: business owner's name, address, email, SSN (for US citizen).
Banking information: bank name, routing number/swift code, account number.

For ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap, please click here for more detailed instructions to make sure you meet all the requirements.

Steps to enable ShopBase Payments

Step 1: Go to Settings > Payment Providers > Register for ShopBase Payments account.

Step 2: Fill in the KYC form to sign up for a ShopBase Payments account.

For ShopBase Payment by Stripe, after you have finished, clicked Complete account setup.

For ShopBase Payment by BlueSnap, click Save for review instead so our team can help you review the submitted information.

Costs of using ShopBase Payments

Depending on each specific country and package, merchants will need to pay the corresponding processing free.

For more details, please go to your ShopBase dashboard > Settings > Account.

Taxes for ShopBase Payments

For ShopBase Payments by Stripe: ShopBase doesn’t charge your sales taxes and you will need to handle this by yourself. You should always check with a local tax authority or a tax accountant to make sure you file and remit the taxes correctly.

For ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap: Sale taxes will be charged accordingly to governmental laws and regulations. More details can be found here.

C. Configuring ShopBase Payments

This section only applies to merchants that use ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap. Skip to the next part if you are using ShopBase Payment by Stripe.

After your submission has been approved, BlueSnap Console sign-in details will be sent to your email address. When you have access to BlueSnap dashboard, please:
Set up Statement descriptor on page General setting, section Branding settings.

Contact BlueSnap support team to enable 3D Secure. After it is activated, you can see it on page Fraud Settings.

Contact BlueSnap support team to enable Fraud checks.

To get in touch with BlueSnap support team, visit this link and select Already a customer.

D. Getting paid with ShopBase Payments

ShopBase Payments by Stripe

You can easily view your payouts by going to ShopBase admin > Settings > Payment Providers > View Payouts.

Payout: There will be a payout list you can keep track of. You will receive your payout 7 days after your order payments.

Dispute and Chargeback response:
- When there's a new request for chargeback from your customer, ShopBase will send notification emails to the store owner.
- Store owners can also check orders with chargeback requests on page Orders > Chargeback and inquiry.

- To check chargeback reasons and send a chargeback response, click Submit response on page Order details. Please make sure to double-check and include all the needed information.

- Our system will automatically send responses with information collected from the order details if we have not heard back from the merchants in due time.

Learn more about how to respond to your chargeback requests.

ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap

Sign-in information will be sent as emails to merchants. Merchants can use this credentials to log in to BlueSnap's dashboard and manage transaction, payout and dispute there. For more details, please view C. Configuring ShopBase Payments.

E. Supported currencies

ShopBase Payments by Stripe
Supported currencies
Currency conversion

Payout currency will be set up in KYC form while signing up for a ShopBase Payments account.

ShopBase Payments by BlueSnap
Supported currencies

Merchants can check on dashboard and follow BlueSnap's setting currency and conversion.
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