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Overview of Payment

Understanding clearly the payment gateways is important for every store’s owner to process payments smoothly. When customers checkout and complete their orders, they can choose to pay for their orders using the payment providers you've enabled to your online store.
On ShopBase, you can add a variety of payment gateways to your store, including our built-in payment gateways: ShopBase Payments and ShopBase Marketplace Payments to help reduce the risk of blocked accounts and pending payments.

In this section

A. Add and activate payment gateways
B. Enable test modes
C. FAQs about payments

A. Add and activate payment gateways

You can choose what payment methods suit your business the most and follow our detailed instructions below to add them to your online shop.

ShopBase Payments
ShopBase Marketplace Payments
Paypal Pro
European payment methods
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Bank Transfer

B. Enable test modes

Place a test order (draft order) on ShopBase
Test mode for PrintBase store

C. FAQs about payments

Here are some common questions about our payment gateways that might help you when setting up.

Understand payment status
Explain Chargeback responses
How to rotate your payment methods
How to change your currency formatting?
How to capture payments for your ShopBase orders?
Suggestions on PayPal account setup
How to activate PayPal Smart Button
How to send order tracking and information to PayPal automatically?
How to export your payment history on Stripe and PayPal?
How to Re-synchronize your Tracking Numbers to PayPal?
Understand PayPal checkout issues

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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