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You can activate the PayPal Smart Button so your customers will rest assured that they can pay with their cards and can finish the orders without having to open another tab.

If you have not activated PayPal as your payment gateway yet, please follow this solution to set up before activating the Smart button.

On this article:

A. How it works

B. How to activate

A. How it works

After being activated, PayPal Express Checkout and Debit/Credit Cart Checkout buttons will appear on the checkout page:

Checkout page

Once customers click on the Debit or Credit Cart button, they can fill their card information right on that page instead of being redirected to PayPal.

Beside this button, the checkout flow will remain the same as current flow.

On some devices. instead of the Debit or Credit Card buttons, the second option may show as card icon as below. It is based on PayPal detection so we can not change this.

B. How to activate

You just need to turn on the PayPal Smart button toggle on the Payment Provider section and the Smart button will automatically appear on the checkout page.

If you can't find this toggle, please clear your browser's cache to login and try again.

That's all and you are good to go!
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