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If you already had a PayPal Business Account, kindly follow this tutorial to successfully connect it to your ShopBase store.

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A. Set up PayPal Business
B. Activate PayPal as your payment method
C. Deactivate your PayPal account

A. Set up PayPal Business Account

If you do not have a PayPal Business Account, please refer to this link to know how to create a PayPal Business account on ShopBase dashboard.

B. Activate PayPal as your payment method

Go to ShopBase admin site >> Settings >> Payment Providers and click Sign up with PayPal on the PayPal section.

On PayPal Business account creation page, you can enter your email in the field Email to login or register and select the country where your business is registered. Click Next to continue.

Enter your PayPal account password and click Log In.

Afterwards, Paypal will notify you about successful logging in.

Go to the ShopBase store's Payment providers admin site, you can see your PayPal account has already been connected to the store successfully.

C. Deactivate your PayPal account

After connecting your PayPal account to the store, you can deactivate it anytime and still be able to re-activate it later with the same or different credentials.

After being connected, PayPal will be shown on your Checkout Page, please refer to Section A of this article to see additional options after activating PayPal gateway
Shipping address & phone number will be prefilled with the address in their PayPal Account on the Checkout Page. Customers can easily click Change button to modify the information.

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