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How to register ShopBase Payments

With ShopBase Payments, you will be ready to accept all major payment methods the moment your ShopBase store is created. There's no need to set up a third-party payment provider or merchant account. It is indeed the simplest and fastest way to accept payments online.

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A. Requirements
B. Create ShopBase Payments account

A. Requirements

All merchants of ShopBase can register ShopBase Payments as an individual or business account type, as long as the below requirements are matched:

You and/or your business must be an entity in one of the 36 supported countries by ShopBase Payments.

List of 36 supported countries by ShopBase Payments.

If registering ShopBase Payments as a business account type:

Your company has a business registration, business number, and company address in corresponding country.
Have the business owner's passport and/or US social security number (SSN).

Your business country is not available in the supported list:

In case, your business is not available in the above mentioned supported countries list, you can register a company from you side. You may contact services provider companies to help set up your entity in a country supported.

If you're not sure about which company you want to set up, you should go with One IBC or FileNow as your preference for easy company registration. If you are citizens of one of countries in South East Asia, One IBC is a better option.

ShopBase will not involve in or take any responsibility in the progress of your business registration.

B. Create ShopBase Payments account

1. Setup stores on ShopBase

Make sure that you have set up the account's country in accordance with your business registration country, which is supported by ShopBase Payments. You can change it in your store's general information (go to Settings > General).
Your stores should be set up with all needed products and have at least a few orders with PayPal to make the review process quicker.

2. Sign up for ShopBase Payments

All the below steps can only proceed after you have the company EIN number. Please fill in all required blank in English only.

Go to Settings > Payment Providers

Click Register for ShopBase Payments account

Fill your info into the signup form.

Select LLC or the corporate entity type of your company.

Click Complete setup account to submit the form.

After 1-3 minutes, refresh Payment Provider page. At Accept credit cards section, the system will show one of the following results of registration approval form:

Enabled: your account is approved. You can activate ShopBase Payments to start using now.

Rejected: your account is not approved, and ShopBase Payments will note the reasons so you can prepare information to register another account.

If you register a new account and use the same information with the previous rejected account, your new one will be likely rejected again.
Required to verify again: you need to fill in details that we requires to re-verify. Click Verify account information, submit the information again, and wait for about 1-3 minutes to receive result.

Under review: if you still see this status after 7 calendar days, contact ShopBase team to check and support.

Each user/merchant can sign up for one ShopBase Payments account only. One ShopBase Payments account can be applied for multiple stores, provided that these stores must have the same account country and currency.
Please kindly refer more at ShopBase Payments Policy here.

3. Setup support channels

To ensure high-quality customer service for buyers, merchants who use ShopBase Payments are required to have a support team with the conditions as below:

A support team/person to answer buyers' emails. You can use Freshdesk, Zendesk or similar services.
A phone number that has voicemail feature, and some people who can resolve those voicemail calls. You may consider Freshdesk Call, Sonetel, Grasshopper, etc.

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Updated on: 17/04/2023

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