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Connect to your store

Besides PayPal, Stripe and other payment gateways, you can activate as well if you want to allow credit card payments during checkout.

Before connecting, you must have a account. Check the step A below for more details. If you already had a Business Account and Sandbox Account, kindly follow this tutorial to finish all steps.

In this article

A. Set up Business Account and Sandbox Account
B. Get Public key & Private key
C. Activate as your payment method
D. Deactivate your account

A. Set up Business Account and Sandbox Account can be configured on test mode or live mode on your store.

In case you want to use it as a live gateway (for real purchases), go to this link to inquire an account.

If you only want to test the gateway, you can create a Test account (Sandbox account)

B. Get Public key & Private key

You will need to get Public key & Private key of your account for later steps.

For Live account, you can either login from home page or from Hub.

For Test account, you can login from home page or Sandbox Hub.

Enter your credentials to log In.

From dashboard, go to Settings.

In Settings menu, select Channels.

You can find your Public key and Private key in API keys section.

Click Copy to copy the keys. If you want to generate new keys, click on Regenerate.

C. Activate as your payment method

Go to ShopBase admin site > Settings > Payment providers.

In Third-party provider section, click Add account.

In the Third-party payment providers page, choose

Paste Public key and Private key in API keys you copy from step B into 2 boxes as in the picture below. Click Add account.

Enable Test mode then use the credentials from Test account if you just want to test the store.

You can enable 3D secure for this payment gateway.

Remember to include prefix "CKO*" to your content in Statement Description as it is required by

That's all and you are now ready to receive customers' purchases via

To keep your account safe, ShopBase will not send any information related to your store, including your store name, store domain, product name, etc. to payment gateways to help prevent your account from being restricted.

D. Deactivate your account

After connecting your account to the store, you can deactivate it anytime and still be able to re-activate it later.

In the Payment providers dashboard > Toggle the active account to deactivate.

Or in the management dashboard, click Deactivate.

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Updated on: 14/12/2023

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