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Activate bank transfer on your store

In addition to credit/debit card and PayPal, ShopBase now accepts Bank Transfer as a payment method. This will improve your store's sales by providing customers with a simple, secure payment method. In this article, we will guide you on how to activate Bank Transfer on your store.

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A. Activate Bank Transfer on your store
B. Process Bank Transfer orders

A. Activate Bank Transfer on your store

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Settings > Payment providers.

In the Manual payment methods section, click on Manual payment methods drop list and select Bank Transfer.

In Bank Transfer page, fill out the Additional details section. This can be an instruction for customer about this payment method, which will be displayed on the Checkout page when they select this payment method. You can add your bank account information here so that customer knows where to transfer their money to, or a guide on how they can contact you to make the transaction.

You can enable or disable Test mode for Bank Transfer payment method. When test mode is enabled, order profits will not be included in your Analytics.

Successfully activated Bank Transfer payment method will be displayed in your store's checkout page.

B. Process Bank Transfer orders

Orders placed by the Bank Transfer method will have Pending status. If the payment for this order was made outside of ShopBase, you need to manually mark this order as Paid.

From ShopBase admin site, go to Orders, click on the order you want.

In the order detail page, click Mark as paid.

Continue to click Mark as paid.

After the order is marked as paid, its status will be changed to Paid and the profit will be updated in your Analytics.

Transaction fee is applied for orders via Bank Transfer payment method. Please refer to this article for more information on transaction fees for ShopBase orders.

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Updated on: 14/12/2023

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