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To help your customers easily read the amounts shown on your store, you can change how currencies are displayed on your store with our short guide below

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Currency formatting types
Currency formatting options
Change the currency formatting

Currency formatting types

In total, there are 2 different currency formats that are used in different parts of your store:

HTML without currency: Online store and ShopBase admin
Email without currency: Notifications and Order Printer template

Currency formatting options

There are a few ways you can show your currency amounts on your store:

Formats can not be rounded:
{{amount}} Ex: 1,135.99
{{amount_with_comma_separator}} Ex: 1.135,99
{{amount_with_apostrophe_separator}} Ex: 1'135.99
Formats can be rounded
{{amount_no_decimals}} Ex: 1, 135
{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} Ex: 1.135

The amounts will be rounded up if the decimal number is 50 or greater or rounded down if it below 50.
Currency format is rounded to 2 decimal places. Regardless of which currency format you chose, your store's checkout will always show decimal places

Change the currency formatting


From your ShopBase admin, go to Settings > General
In the Store currency, click Change formatting
In each of the fields, replace the current currency format, such as {{amount}}, with a new one that you want to use from the options table.
Click Save

Note: Stores that have any real orders can't change the currency format of their store.
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