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Overview of ShopBase Global

Cross-border e-commerce is quickly becoming an indispensable trend in the global economy, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic brings a significant shift in consumer habits. ShopBase Global is a cross-border management tool that assists you in managing your international markets, particularly those involving different currencies. It enables merchants to reach customers all over the world, and is a excellent approach to increase sales and build brand awareness in the global market.

With ShopBase Global, you can create tailored online shopping experiences for customers in different countries in just a few simple steps. ShopBase Global can provide the following advantages:

Offer a solution to sell in multiple currencies, allowing customers to view products and make a payment for them in their desired currency. The merchants will receive payments in the amount paid by the customers.
Automatically detect the customer's location to display the currency corresponding to the market set up by you. All elements such as product prices, discounts, taxes, shipping, and refunds will be automatically converted to the customer's currency across all pages of your store.
Update the currency exchange rates twice a day. You can choose to use ShopBase's automatic exchange rates to always calculate the correct amount.
Allow you to actively calculate the revenue and profits using market-specific price adjustments.
Enable you to round product prices to 2 digits after a comma, for example .99, to increase store reliability and beautify selling prices.
Allow you to view order value in the currency of the customer using the "Switch currency" feature in the order detail page, while still managing all orders and viewing analytics on your store in the chosen store currency.

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Updated on: 09/11/2023

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