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Set up ShopBase Global Market

Cross-border e-commerce enables merchants to reach customers all over the world, and is a excellent approach to increase sales and build brand awareness in the global market. ShopBase Global is a cross-border management tool that assists you in managing your international markets, particularly those involving different currencies. With ShopBase Global, you can create tailored online shopping experiences for customers in different countries in just a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Settings > Global.

In the Global page, you can see the following market types:

Primary Market: is the main country or region that you sell to. This is determined by the store's address and default currency in Settings > General by default. Your store's primary market is fixed and cannot be edited.

Other Market: lists all markets that you have added and set up.

To add a new market, click on Add market.

In Market name, enter a name suitable for your target market. For example, EU market, Asia market. This name helps you identify the market within your ShopBase admin and is not visible to customers.

Click Add countries to add countries to this market that you sell to.

In the dialog, click to select your countries. You can use the search bar to quickly find your target country using their name.

Click Add Market to save.

In Currency & Pricing, click Edit to set up the currency and pricing of your new market. Refer to Understand ShopBase global currency and pricing for more details.

Please note that if you are using ShopBase Global, the Currency setting in Theme will no longer be valid.

Back in the ShopBase Global page, click Sell to this market to activate the new market on your store.

To deactivate a market, click on Close market.

For PrintBase and PlusBase stores, the Global Market feature is enabled by default and cannot be manually disabled or closed. This ensures that your store works properly with multiple markets.

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Updated on: 05/07/2023

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