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To create a test order, you'll need to enter a test payment information at checkout page. You can simulate different types of transaction, depending on what information you enter.

Create a test order

From your ShopBase admin, select Settings > Payment providers
If you have any credit card payment provider enabled, then deactivate it before continuing. Click Edit, and Deactivate, then confirm your deactivation
You should now see the Accept credit cards section. In that section, click Add another account, then open the Select a third-party provider drop-down menu
Choose Test Gateway, then click Activate
Go to your online store and place an order as a customer would. At checkout, enter the following credit card details instead of genuine numbers:

You can use the Stripe test cards to place the order, for example:

4242424242424242 - To Simulate an Approved Transaction
4000000000000002 - To Simulate a Declined Transaction

Any cardholder name and any three numbers can be used as the "Card Security Code", or any expiry date in the future will work.


By placing a test order, you can make sure that your checkout process and other settings all function accurately without being charged. While Test Gateway is set up, every order that you create is a test order

Any order that has been canceled and refunded is not paid out or subject to transaction fees.

If Test Gateway is on and your public domain is still an, this notice would be displayed to warning merchants (and buyers if any) to connect their primary domain before fully launching the website and running ads on other platforms. After successfully connecting new public domain without, this notification would disappeared.

This banner is used to warning merchants to fully set up their store domain before running ads

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