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You can now activate Pacypay, in addition to OceanPayment and other alternative payment providers, if you want to allow this payment method during checkout. This article will guide you to connect your Pacypay account to your ShopBase store.

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A. Activate Pacypay as your payment method
B. Deactivate your Pacypay account

A. Activate Pacypay as your payment method

Go to ShopBase admin site > Settings > Payment Providers

Click Choose alternative provider in Alternative methods

In the Alternative providers page, choose Pacypay

Fill in the required information, including Merchant ID and Secret Key which are provided by Pacypay. Click Add account.

Successfully activated PacyPay account will be displayed as follow:

In your ShopBase admin site:

In your store's checkout page:

B. Deactivate your Pacypay account

After connecting your Pacypay account to the store, you can deactivate it anytime and still be able to re-activate it later with the same or different credentials.

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