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With Klaviyo, you can add selected items from your product catalog into an email template by Populate from Feed or Select from Catalog.

Email Preview

ShopBase Product Feed works specifically for Select from Catalog option.

Instruction to generate a Klaviyo Product Feed on your ShopBase admin can be found here

On this article:

A. Add Catalog Source

B. Request Product block

C. Create Email campaigns with product blocks

A. Add Catalog Source

Log in your Klaviyo account
Go to Catalog Source dashboard (click here)
Click Add Source
Paste the Klaviyo Feed link that ShopBase has generated for you from your ShopBase admin onto the Source URL field.

Click Define Sources to save the feed.

B. Request Product block

You might notice that Product Block did not appear on your Klaviyo from the beginning.

You need to contact Klaviyo support team so they can activate this Block onto your Klaviyo account

C. Create Email campaigns with product blocks

After the Product block has been added, you can easily add some selected products onto your marketing automation email.

Go to Email Templates dashboard
Open an existing template you want to add block or choose Create Template if you want to create a new one.

Drag Product block or any block from the left section to the email preview on the right

From the left section, choose Select from Catalog and then Browse for Products

All products from your ShopBase feed will appear here and you can choose among them as well as modify the email as your idea

Check this detailed instruction from Klaviyo team to design your product block on the email
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