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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses - with powerful SMS and email marketing automation. Just like Facebook and Google, Klaviyo offers product advertising via email, SMS and to use this feature you need to add a product feed to Klaviyo. Please refer to this article for how to create product feed for Klaviyo. Products will be advertised in Klaviyo email as in the image below.

In this article, we will guide you on how to creat Klaviyo Email campaigns using product feed.

In this section

A. Add product feeds to Klaviyo
B. Request Klaviyo for Product Block feature
C. Use product feed in emails created by Klaviyo

A. Add product feeds to Klaviyo

Step by Step Tutorial

Log in your Klaviyo account

Go to Catalog Source)

Click Add Source

You will be directed to a new page where you can add product feed name in Source Nam and product feed link in the Source URL field (the link you copied in step 3 section B as in how to create a Klaviyo product feed).

Choose Define Sources to save.

B. Request Klaviyo for Product Block feature

Contact Klaviyo support team here to request activating Product block feature for your account as Product Block is not available in your account by default. After the Product Block feature has been added to your account, you can easily add lots of products to email. It will be displayed as below:

C. Use product feed in emails created by Klaviyo

Step by Step Tutorial

Visit Email Templates

Open an Email template that has been created or choose Create Template if you want to create a new one:

Drag Product block from the left section to the email preview on the right

On the left side of the screen, choose Select from Catalog >> Browse for Products.

All products from your ShopBase feed will appear here and you can choose among them and click Add Products to add to your email.


You can have a look at this thorough guideline by Klaviyo to design product block feature on email.
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