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Add product images

Product images help buyers better visualize what the product they buy will look like. This encourages the buyer to take action on the product page like adding to cart or buying the product. This article guides you on how to add or remove product images.

Step by step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin site, click Products section.

Select the product you want to add images.

In the Media section, click Add media to add image from your devices or Add media from URL to add from a link.

If you add an image from a link, after clicking Add media from URL, a dialog box will appear. Paste the link for the product image to the box and press the Add media button.

Supported image formats: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG (.png), WebP (.webp) , GIF (.gif). The maximum size for image files is 20MB.
You can add up to 500 medias (including images and videos) for a product.
If you add more than one image, then the largest one shown is your product's main image. You can set a new main image by dragging a different image to its place. You can also sort the other images by dragging them.

If you want to delete a product image, in the Media section, hover over the photo you want to delete and click the trashcan icon to delete the image of the product.

Click Save changes.

Please refer to this article to know how to set up images for each product variant.
Please refer to this article on how to add video to product page.

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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