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Automated upsell with PlusBase

With the goal of increasing your store revenue by maximizing Average Order Value (AOV), we have created Automated upsell offers for your PlusBase products. In this article, we will explain how automated upsell offers work on PlusBase.

In the new update, if no post-purchase upsell offers are set up for your products, we will create automated post-purchase upsell offers for your orders using items from our Product Catalog:

Products included in the upsell offers are carefully picked by our professionals to ensure that they complement the items in the customer's shopping cart.
These upsell offers will be set up automatically by PlusBase, therefore, you don't need to manually set up or import anything. PlusBase will determine the product price, while the product shipping fee is configured by you in your store admin, and you will profit from the order.
The automated upsell offers will appear in the same way that you normally set up post-purchase offers in the Boost Upsell app.
For orders with automated upsell items, an icon will be displayed for you to distinguish between your products and our upsell products.

You can also check the Analytics board to see how our upsell performs in your store. An additional line will be added to show the profits generated by automated upsell.

Examples of metrics from automated upsell displayed in Total profits and Online store conversion rate dashboards

Your conversion rate will not be affected because post-purchase upsell offers are only applied after customers have paid for their orders.

Overview of Boost Upsell app
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Updated on: 21/02/2024

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