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Post-purchase sale offer will recommend other products to customers who just completed payment for their in-store order. These suggestions will be displayed on the Thank-you page - the page that the visitor is directed to after completing payment for the order. This article will guide you on how to create a Post-purchase sale offer with the Boost Upsell app.

Step by step Tutorial

To create a post-purchase upsell offer, from ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Boost Upsell > Upsell and click Create offer.

Choose offer type: Post-purchase

Set up offer's name and message

Offer's name: Enter the name of the offer in this field. This field is optional, if you do not enter it, the system will create a name for the offer. Names make managing offers easier.
Offer's title: Select the title of the offer here from the available ShopBase suggested titles. This is a required field. An engaging and relevant title will make it easier for customers to add suggested products to their shopping cart.
Offer's message: Select the offer message here from the available ShopBase suggested messages. This is a required field. This message will be displayed just below the title you selected above. A compelling and relevant message will make it easier for customers to add recommended products to their shopping cart.

Products you choose in Choose Target products section are products that once purchased, post-purchase offers will be displayed on the Thank-you page. You can choose:

All products
Specific products
Specific collections
Specific by rules

Products chosen in Choose Recommend products are those suggested to customers. You can choose:

Specific products
Specific collections
Same collection with target products
Most relevant products use automated rules
Specific by rules
Select Change default variant to show as a recommend product if you want to set rules for displaying suggested variants on Thank-you page.

You can offer discounts for suggested products to encourage your customers to buy more by swtiching on the button in Offer's discount section and enter the discount rate in Discount percentage.

Once completed, click Submit offer.

Post-purchase sales deals will be displayed as shown below. For products with promotion, the discount percentage will show up as a tag to draw attention and encourage customers to buy.


If a product or variant is not shipped to a certain region, when a customer places an order, Boost Upsell relies on the customer's pick up address to remove those products from the Post-purchase. As such, the Post-purchase offer will not show variants and products if they cannot be shipped to the customer's order address. If the whole product cannot be shipped to the customer's order address, the post-purchase offers will not be displayed as well.

With this feature, customers can quickly purchase more items with just a few clicks without having to fill in payment information again.

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