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Overview of Boost Upsell app

Boost Upsell is a ShopBase app that exclusively provides ShopBase sellers, allowing the store to recommend additional products to encourage your customers to spend more money on the store. In e-commerce these forms are very popular because they can help you increase your revenues. Furthermore, motivating existing customers to spend more money is cheaper than finding completely new customers. The app also has the ability to make personalized recommendations based on a customer's purchase history.

Boost Upsell app has 2 main features: Upsell and Cross-sell. Upsell is the introduction of products related to the product customers have added to the shopping cart or bought on the store. The goal is to encourage customers to spend more money on a shopping cart or on the store after purchasing the product. Cross-sell is a selling technique used to get customers to spend more by suggesting customers to buy related products customers are intending to buy.

This section includes articles introducing and guiding sellers to use the tools on Boost Upsell app to create more offers, cross-sell to customers in order to gain greater profits for the store.

In this section:

Install Boost Upsell app into my ShopBase store
Understand Boost Upsell app
Understand Upsell and Cross-sell offers
Create a Pre-purchase upsell offer
Create a Post-purchase upsell offer
Create an In-cart offer
Create a Bundles offer with Boost Upsell app
Create a BOGO offer with Boost Upsell
Create a Quantity discounts offer
Create a Accessories cross-sell offer with Boost Upsell
Understand Product Widgets
Set up Product Widgets for your store
Choose specific products to show on Product Recommendation widget
Understand Smart Offers
Enable Smart Offers for your ShopBase store
Import and export offer list with Boost Upsell
Duplicate an offer
Activate/ Deactivate an offer
Delete an offer
Change the Call-To-Action button on your Bundles offer and Quantity Discounts

Updated on: 07/07/2023

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