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Understand Product Widgets

Product Widget is a section on the page, collecting products recommended for visitors viewing the page. Product recommendation extensions may contribute to an increase in store sales if customers find the recommended products necessary, interesting, and useful. ShopBase offers 6 types of product recommendation widgets using Product widgets feature on Boost Upsell including: Handpicked products, Best sellers, Recently viewed & featured products, Who bought this also bought, Who bought this also bought, Cart recommendations, Products from the same collections. This section will give you a better understanding of these 6 types of product recommendation widgets so that you can choose which one to display on your online store.

Handpicked products

You can use this feature to manually select products to display and recommend to customers. Automatic suggestions might save time but no one can understand your product better than you. Therefore, ShopBase designs this feature so you can proactively suggest the best options for your customers.

Best sellers

This Product Widget displays the store's best sellers for customers to view. Furthermore, the products are chosen automatically depending on the page's sales history.

Recently viewed & featured products

The products that customers have just viewed will be displayed on this Products Widget.

Who bought this also bought

This Products Widget recommends commonly purchased products together with the main product a customer is viewing. Products displayed in this section are selected automatically by ShopBase based on priority: Same title → Same collection → Same tags → Same product type → Same vendor → Price less than product target → Automatic → Random.

Cart recommendations

This widget shows the items that your customers are most likely to buy. This feature works based on the analysis of customer tastes and preferences via behaviors, shopping habits, and products added to the shopping cart.

Products from the same collections

This Products Widget recommends items in the same collection with the products customers are watching.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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