Boost Upsell is a ShopBase app that exclusively provides ShopBase sellers, allowing the store to recommend additional products to encourage your customers to spend more money on the store. In e-commerce these forms are very popular because they can help you increase your revenues. Furthermore, motivating existing customers to spend more money is cheaper than finding completely new customers. The app also has the ability to make personalized recommendations based on a customer's purchase history.

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A. How Boost Upsell works?
B. Why we need this app?
C. Introducing all features

A. How Boost Upsell works?

Boost Upsell is a dropshipping app that allows you to pitch additional products to get your customers to buy more or acquire more enhanced products. It is imperative to have upsell/cross-sell offers on your site as they can help you to increase your profit especially when your customers are on a shopping spree or in a buying mode.

It also has a product recommendation feature that helps to create the sitewide personalized cross-sell and up-sell suggestions in the footer of the page and offer quantity discounts to boost up your conversions and increase average order value.

B. Why we need this app?

Online store owners are widely using upselling and cross-selling techniques to encourage their visitors adding more and more products on a purchase. Moreover, it can be seen that upselling and cross-selling to existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones. Therefore, adding upselling/cross-selling offers to the store becomes an easy and helpful method for any retailers.

C. Introducing all features

Boost Upsell app has 2 main features: Upsell and Cross-sell.

Upsell is the introduction of products related to the product customers have added to the shopping cart or bought on the store. The goal is to encourage customers to spend more money on a shopping cart or on the store after purchasing the product. ShopBase offers up the Upsell format of Pre-purchase, In-cart and Post purchase.

Pre-purchase will recommend other products to customers as soon as the customer clicks the Add To Cart button. Recommended products will help encourage customers to add more products to their shopping cart.

In-cart Upsell allows sellers to create product recommendations that match the current products in the customer shopping cart. Recommended products will help encourage customers to add more products to their shopping cart.

Post-purchase sale offer will recommend other products to customers who just completed payment for their in-store order. These suggestions will be displayed on the Thank-you page - the page that the visitor is directed to after completing payment for the order.

Cross-sell is a selling technique used to get customers to spend more by suggesting customers to buy related products customers are intending to buy. ShopBase offers four forms of Cross-sell, including Quantity discounts, Bundles, Accessories and Product widgets.

Quantity Discounts is a feature that encourages customers to buy by offering attractive incentives: the more quantity a customer buys, the cheaper the price per product will be.

Bundles offer is a form of sale that encourages customers to buy products related to the main product. ShopBase allows sellers to apply this method by displaying products group related to the main product just below the Add to cart button on the product page as below.

Product Widget is a component on the page, collecting products recommended for visitors viewing the page. Product recommendation extensions may contribute to an increase in store sales if customers find the recommended products necessary, interesting, and useful.
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