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With the Boost Upsell app, you can import and export a list of deals you have created in your store app. This helps you to manage your offers more easily. Please refer to this article to understand CSV file and how to create a CSV file.


This feature is only applicable to incentives created in the form of Upsell, Accessories Cross-sell and Bundles Cross-sell.

This section will instruct you how to import and export a list of deals that have been created in the Boost Upsell application.

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Apps >> Boost Upsell.

Choose one of the three means including Upsell, Accessories Cross-sell and Bundles Cross-sell which you want to import or export the promotion file.

Click the Export button to export the data (a CSV file containing all of your current offers information will be downloaded to your device) or Import button to import the data (upload to the website the CSV file contains offers information you want to create) (a dialog appears, click Choose file and click Import).

Please refer to this sample CSV file to fill in the fields. This includes:

ID: Offer's ID on our system. If you are editing an existing offer, this field has already been filled out automatically. If you are going to create a new offer, you can input '0' or 'New'.

Active: offer status with 1 as on and 0 as off.

Offer Type: with the following values ​​corresponding to the name of the offer displayed on the ShopBase admin page: bundles, accessories, pre-purchase, post-purchase, in-cart.

Offer Name: Simply input Offer's name to easily manage offers created. The offer's name will not be shown on actual offer.

Offer Title: Only applies to Post-purchase Upsell** offer and it will be shown to customers to see. You can create an attractive headline to convince customers to buy more products. The only supported variable in this field is {{ last_name }}.

Offer Message: this message will show on the offer popup, you can choose or create an attractive message to persuade your customers to buy more or upgrade a product. The only variable supported in this message is {{product name}}.

Offer Success Message: message after customers have successfully added to cart

Target type: as for products that customers view or take action on on that product page, the offer will be displayed. The values in this field include all, product, collection (applicable to
Post-purchase Upsell), condition (only applicable to Post-purchase Upsell).

Recommend Type: The values include product, collection (applicable to Post-purchase Upsell), same-collection (applicable to Post-purchase Upsell), condition (applicable to Post-purchase Upsell).

Enable Discount: 1 for activating the offer and 0 for deactivating the offer.

Discount Data: promotional value for an offer, for example if you wanted to give a 5% promotion on the offer then the value of this field would be {" percentage_discount ": 5}.
products: specific products on store.

Target ID: product ID or collection ID of the item customer has chosen in target type.

Recommend Ids: product codes displayed on an offer or collection code of products which are displayed on the offer.


To get the product code for Target Ids and Recommend Ids, from ShopBase admin site, go to Products >> All products. Click on the product you want to get the code. The last row is the product code.

To get the collection code for Target Ids and Recommend Ids, from ShopBase admin site, go to Products >> Collections. Click on the collection you want to get the code. The last row is the collection code.

Conditions: in case you enter one or two fields Target Type or Recommend Type as condition, you have to enter the condition values here. E.g: {"target":{"match":"all","conditions":[{"field":"title","relation":"contains","value":"cat"}]},"recommend":{"match":"any","conditions":[{"field":"tag","relation":"equals","value":"freeshipping","key":0},{"field":"title","relation":"contains","value":"dog","key":0}]} means you want the product that when a customer views or buys displays the offer must match all (all) of the conditions set forth. The condition is that the title of the product must contain (contains) the word cat, then after the customer views the eligible products, the application will suggest the products that match at least one of the conditions (any) set, the condition is the tag. The item's (tag) must be equals to the value freeshipping or the product's title must contain (contains) the word` dog`.

For example, the information fields entered in the CSV file for Pre-purchase offers, with the name Demo Offer, the message Frequently bought with ..., when the customer adds products to the cart with the keyword cat, the system decreases. 5% if the customer adds to the basket the products with the dog tag and freeshipping tag

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