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Product Widget is a collection of products recommended for visitors when viewing the page. Product widget contributes to an increase in store sales if customers find the recommended products necessary, interesting, and useful. ShopBase offers 6 types of product recommendation extensions using Product widgets in Boost Upsell app. Among them are 5 types of system utilities that automatically take products from the store to recommend and one that allows sellers to select products manually according to their preferences, called Handpicked products. The Handpicked products feature will appear on the product page as shown below.

In this article, we will guide you on how to choose specific products to show on Product Widgets.

In this section

A. Set up Handpicked products widget
B. Design the widget layout

A. Set up Handpicked products widget

Step by Step Tutorial

To set this up, from ShopBase dashboard, go to Apps >> Boost Upsell >> Product Widgets.

Click the button in Handpicked products and click Customize.

Click Create new

Choose the product page(s) which you desire your widget to display. Either all products or some specific products can be manually selected.

Click Select products to start chosing the specific products or Select collection to choose products in a collection. After that, click Continue with selected products or Continue with selected collections* to complete.

Click Select products in Recommend these products to choose the products to display on product widget. You can choose more than one.

Click Submit offer and you're done!

B. Design the widget layout

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase dashboard, go to Apps >> Boost Upsell >> Product Widgets.

Click Customize.

To edit widget layout, click Design

You can choose Desktop or Mobile mode.

You can customize all the widget's elements including Header, Product name, Product price, Number of products, Add to cart button, Call to action text.

Click Save & Apply for all widgets. If you click Reset to default, all settings will turn back to its default mode.

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