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For products with personalization, preview setting will help customers visualize how changes will be reflected on the actual product. This will encourage customers to buy more products, helping to increase conversion rates for the store. In this article, we'll walk you through setting up previews for products with personalization.

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A. Modes of personalization preview
B. Set up personalization preview mode
C. Notice for preview of PrintBase and PrintHub personalized campaigns

A. Modes of personalization preview

There are two modes of personalization preview for products with personalization features:

Instant live preview: results will be shown immediately on the product's mockup.

Live preview button: results will be shown once you click on the Preview your design button.

B. Set up personalization preview mode

From ShopBase Dashboard, go to Online Store >> Preferences.

Tick Enable preview for personalized campaigns to enable preview mode for products with personalization features. Choose one of these options namely Instant live preview, Live preview button, Use both Instant live preview and Live preview button (both modes will be applied).

Preview mode helps update any product changes
Click Save

C. Notice for preview of PrintBase and PrintHub personalized campaigns

PSD files can be used to create campaigns in PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub). If the PSD file of the campaign uses complex effects that web technology does not support such as curved texts, mask patterns, etc., the live preview feature will not be enabled for that campaign. Therefore, when working with your designer team on the artworks, if you want to have the preview feature enabled, there won't be features such as Layer text with effects, Rotated image, and Layer Text with type options.

Photoshop effects that PrintBase Live Preview doesn't support yet

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