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With the new features, creating print-on-demand products with PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) has become faster and more convenient. Before we get to that point, let's figure out how to successfully launch new campaigns with PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub).

In this section

A. Choose the base product
B. Edit your campaign design
C. Create a personalized campaign
D. Edit name, price and display of campaign
E. Launch campaign

A. Choose the base product

Our base products are divided into many categories such as All Over Print, Apparel, Home & Living, etc. Find your desired base products in the corresponding category. To quickly check all product’s specifications, please visit our catalog page.

From PrintBase admin site, go to Catalog.

If you're using PrintHub on ShopBase, from ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Print Hub > Catalog.

Select all desired base products in different categories. Click Create new campaign.

PrintBase interface: choose the product and click Create new campaign

Moreover, you can choose Campaigns on PrintBase or PrintHub (if you use ShopBase) admin site. A new window Add more products will appear for you to choose the products. Next, click Update Campaign to start.

Create a campaign on Campaigns with PrintBase

Create a campaign on All Campaigns with Print Hub

Click Update Campaign to create a campaign

Please refer to the Mockup Library to explore how your artwork fit on our mockup. Refer to this article to know how to use mockup.
You can choose up to 25 products at a time but note that more than 9 products affect the shopping experience of customers.

B. Edit your campaign design.

Step by Step Tutorial

After performing the steps in section A, you will be directed to a new editor window where you can select the color variations of the product by clicking the + button in the Color section. You can preview products with the respective colors by hovering over the color boxes. Please tick the color itself in collection box if you want to choose it to add to your product's color variation.

Color variations are NOT applied on All-over-print products

After choosing the color variations, you can select product's sizes in the Size section.

All sizes will be selected by default. You can click on each size to select or de-select it. Tick Select all if you want to choose all sizes

Next, you can upload the design by clicking the box Add your first layer to start customize your product below Front side, Back side, Layers. It depends on the product type that you click Image Layer or Text Layer to upload the artwork that will be printed on the product. PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) allow sellers to create product designs by uploading multiple image files, adding multiple layers of text.

Supported image file formats: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, and .PSD.
Supported color mode: RGB.

Click Image layer or Text layer to edit the uploaded artwork in terms of Location, Size, Opacity, etc. of each artwork.

After clicking Text layer, text edit page allows you to edit Text, Font, Size, Color, Letter case, Location, Rotation, Opacity.

When adding 2D products to the same campaign, layers will be automatically synchronized with the same content, quantity, and sorting order. When a product is layered, other 2D products in the same campaign are automatically updated to fit the print area of ​​each product. If you delete a layer of any 2D product, that layer will also be deleted from other 2D products of the same campaign. This feature helps sellers to edit and update synchronously more quickly, especially in the case of a campaign with too many products. 2D products in the same campaign with layer synchronization will have the Link button attached as shown below.

Link button for campaign with layer synchronization

If you do not want a 2D product to be automatically layer-synchronized with other 2D products in the same campaign, please click on the Link button. Later, if you click back to the Link button for that product, the existing layers of that product will be replaced with layers of other 2D products in the same campaign.

In case the campaign has both 2D and 3D products and you want to synchronize layer by layer for all products, you can click on the Sync button of layers of the product you want to synchronize. When you press the Sync button, the synchronized layers in all products will be arranged in the order of the layers in the original product. However, if you update the synchronized layer of one product, the other products will not be updated until you press the Sync button again (except for 2D products in the same campaign that are automatically synced as in the above note)

Click Sync button to synchronize layer by layer for all products

If you have clicked the Sync button for a layer then the Auto-sync button will open for that layer. You can enable or disable this Auto-sync button. If you turn on Auto-sync and change the layer, other products in the same campaign are automatically updated whether the product is 2D or 3D. This feature is useful in case you turn off Auto-sync to edit a campaign product. After editing is complete, enable Auto-sync to update the editing results for all products included in the campaign.

Auto-sync button

In case you want to align the layers so they are balanced and look better in the print area, click the Scale to fit, Center vertically, and Center horizontally buttons as shown below. When you click Scale to fit, the Layer will be aligned to be in the print area, in the middle of the center area, meeting the DPI requirements of the product (usually 150 DPI). When Center vertically is clicked, the layer will be horizontally centered. When Center horizontally is clicked, the layer will be vertically centered.

Scale to fit, Center vertically, and Center horizontally buttons

If you want to delete a layer, select that layer and click on the trash can button as shown below: the trash can button on the left to delete the layer on the product and the trash can button on the right to delete the layer on all products.

Delete a layer by clicking on the trash can button

Tick Show print area to check if your design is compatible with the print area.

Click Preview

C. Create a personalized campaign.

You can add personalization to designs on products. This feature will allow buyers to add/select/change text and images to their liking to print on the product. This is a great way to increase conversion rates because it hits each customer's satisfaction score more, helping them to have their own personalized products. It is up to your intention to add personalization to your product. Please read this article for a step-by-step guide on how to create personalization in your campaign. If you do not add this feature to your campaign please go to part D to edit the name, price, display of the campaign, then part E to launch campaign.

D. Edit name, price and display of campaign.

After editing the artwork to fit your design, click Continue to add the description, change sale price, title and tag.


You can change Sale price and Compare at price. Profit will be automatically calculated for you. You can also set individual price for each product variant.

PrintBase will automatically sync store's currency and change price on PrintBase to store's currency by using exchange rate.


You can add Title, choose your product image in Select product main image, add tags to your campaign in Tags. We have descriptions available for your campaign, so what you add to Description will be displayed on description on product page.

Page where you can edit price, title, description and product tags

E. Launch campaign.

When you have finished section D, press Launch to officially launch the campaign to the store.

You can check how your campaign is performing in the store by clicking View on Online Store according to the campaign name in the All campaigns page.

This is how your campaign will be displayed on the store

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