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Campaign FAQs & Troubleshooting

We've complied some of the most common questions about campaign in ShopBase (PrintHub), PrintBase, and PlusBase. In case you can't find your questions listed below, please contact us via LiveChat to get immediate support.

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A. Questions before launching a campaign
B. Questions after launching a campaign

A. Questions before launching a campaign

1. What are the requirements for my product design?

Your product design needs to follow the required dimensions and templates so that it can be displayed correctly on your product. To quickly check all product's design dimensions and download your desired base product's templates, please visit our catalog page.

In addition, ShopBase (PrintHub), PrintBase, and PlusBase currently supports .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, and .PSD image file formats. The supported color mode is RGB. The maximum file sizes you can upload to ShopBase (PrintHub), PrintBase, and PlusBase are 1.5GB for .PSD files and 80MB for .PNG, .JPG, and .JPEG files.

2. What Photoshop effects are supported for my personalized campaign?

By using modern technology to process PSD files, personalized features of ShopBase (PrintHub), PrintBase, and PlusBase support all special effects such as patterns or masks of Photoshop. So, you can create special designs by creating curved text, making the display color more diverse, creating the text shadow which helps leverage sales & conversion rate of your business as well as satisfying your customers with product quality.

Personalized features support complex Photoshop effects for customizing name

3. What characters are supported for my campaign's text personalization?

These following characters are allowed when creating custom options with Text field or Text area type:

Characters: A - Z, a - z, space, dash (-), underscore (_)
Numbers: 0 - 9, negative numbers
Special characters: punctuations (, . : ! ?), others (~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = [ ] { } \ / | " ')

Please make sure your font supports these characters before launching your campaign
Characters that are not listed above will be considered as invalid characters and customers cannot checkout when using these invalid characters

4. What should I do when my design file is over the limited size?

You can refer to this article for some tips on how to reduce your file size.

5. How many campaigns can I create on my store per day?

To ensure seamless operation of your stores, a quota will be set for campaigns created, duplicated and bulk duplicated daily on a store. More specifically, the maximum number of campaigns you can create/duplicate a day is 5,000 campaigns/day. Please refer to this article for more information.

B. Questions after launching a campaign

1. Why can't my customer preview the design although Personalization preview mode is enabled?

After adding personalized text, selecting and uploading images, customers can preview the result with the personalization preview feature.

However, if the PSD file of the campaign's design uses complex effects that web technology does not support such as curved texts, mask patterns, etc., the live preview feature will not be enabled for that campaign. Therefore, when working with your design team on the artworks, if you want to have the preview feature enabled, there shouldn't be features such as Layer text with effects, Rotated image, and Layer Text with type options.

Photoshop effects that Live Preview doesn't support yet

2. What can I edit after my campaign is launched?

You can edit your campaign's title, description, images, prices, tags, product type, collection in your Campaign detail page after it is launched.

From your PrintBase admin site, go to Campaign > All campaigns and click on the campaign you need to edit.
If you use ShopBase (PrintHub), from your ShopBase admin site, go to Products > All products, or Apps > PrintHub > All Campaigns and click on the campaign you need to edit.
If you use PlusBase, from your PlusBase admin site, go to POD products > All campaigns and click on the campaign you need to edit.

In addition, you can also edit custom options for your campaign after it is launched. If you have a non-personalized campaign and want to personalize it, or if you already have a personalized campaign and want to update it, go to the campaign detail page and click Edit personalization.

In the campaign editor page, you can add, delete, and make changes to your custom option. Then, click Save changes to update your campaign.

You cannot edit personalization of campaigns created before March 15th, 2021.
You cannot edit your campaign's design/artwork after it is launched.
3. Why are my clipart images distorted when live previewing the design?

Example of distorted clipart images when live previewing the design
Understanding how the Picture choice process will give us the flexibility to execute for each different type of design. If you have a Custom Option of Picture choice type implemented on Layer A in the .PSD file of your product design, system will take the size of this Layer as the base. All clipart images used for this custom option will need to have the same size to this base layer. Please read this article on how to prepare files for the standard picture choice personalization.
If you need further help, please contact us via LiveChat to get immediate support.

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Updated on: 24/11/2022

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