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In some cases, you may want to create multiple new campaigns at the same time that share similar characteristics (price, tags, product description, product types in a campaign) to the existing campaigns while only the design on the product is different. You can refer to our bulk cloning tool which helps you to clone a POD campaign to many other campaigns on both PrintBase and ShopBase (Print Hub). This article will guide you through bulk duplicating a campaign in just a few steps.


You can only duplicate a series of campaigns containing only 2D products or campaigns with only one 3D product, not campaigns with personalized products or campaigns with multiple products. 3D products in it. This feature is also only available with front-facing print designs.

Step by Step Tutorial

If you use PrintBase, from admin site, go to Campaigns >> All campaigns.

If you are using Print Hub on ShopBase, from ShopBase admin site, go to Apps >> Print Hub >> All campaigns.

Click on Bulk Duplicate in Action.

You will be directed to the next page where you can upload your designs for duplication by clicking Upload Files or dragging and dropping your design files to or Drag and drop your design files here. You can upload up to 50 design files each time.

Once the designs are uploaded by the system, each design corresponds to a new campaign. The campaign is named based on the name of the design file you upload. You can edit campaign names in the blank fields corresponding to the campaigns in the column Campaign title

Click Launch campaigns and you will be good to go!


Bulk duplication feature allows your to duplicate 150 campaigns/hour at maximum.

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